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  • Vicki Smyrna, GA
    i have some sliders that really help a lot to move heavy stuffs.
  • Designing Home INc. Marietta, GA
    Yes these are such a helper.
  • I have enjoyed the sliders for years, but i still have back issues. Do tell about the grabber plastic, I am not familiar with this.
  • It is a reusable thin plastic drop cloth with little rubber dots to keep it in place on places like wooden steps.

    If you have ever tried to work on a cloth drop cloth on wood stairs, you know how frustrating and dangerous it can be.

  • Sliders are great. They also have sliders for wooden floors with felt bottoms so as not to scratch (you dont want to slide plastic on the wood). Now if I can just figure out how to get the dogs to wear them so they dont scratch the floors.
  • Where can you get the drop cloths?
  • Sher-Wms and The Depot.
  • Kevin, I put 5 coats of poly on my floors & it is holding up well under the dogs.
  • Lee Anne, we used industrial grade to greater strength but I still notice impressions. I suspect however that in my case it may be because I work with so many young dogs who visit and are not familiar with the house. They have a tendency to be
  • Kevin, there are much harder commerical grade catylized (two part) polys that are readily available.

    @Focus Points, I was at The Depot and noticed they no longer carry the Floor Gripper. I had picked up a roll there late

  • Hmm... It seems like they should put that out in the front! I cant tell you how many times I could have used something like that. let me know if you see it around.
  • The last time I checked, Sherwin Williams had it, but it was on clearance too /-: Maybe they just have some newer packaging coming out...?
  • Charles, thanks for that info. Unless they can be added over current poly without sanding and buffing, I'll wait until I have to resand unless I am overlooking something but good to know that next time we'll get the 2 part.
  • That's right Kevin, the floors need to be scuff sanded first, then it's one and done.
  • Kevin, I like the marks in my home that exhibit love, companionship, and habitation. If we want our homes perfect....well, alone is not good. My grandmother used to say, "My house is clean enough to be healthy and dirty enough to be happy."
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