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How to Build a Composting System from Pallets

After seeing countless photos of these systems on Pinterest and in the blogosphere, we finally got around to making our own composting system from pallets this weekend. It's really quick and easy - here's how we did it in less than an hour.
Time: 1 Hours Cost: $0 Difficulty: Easy

To see more: http://www.newhousenewhomenewlife.com/2013/04/jumping-on-pallet-craze-with-composting.html

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  • Heather (New House New Home)

    We have racoons, but no rats (that I know of!!!!) I don't mind the racoons visiting our garden in the evening as they don't stay around for long once they've had their dinner. I'm so sorry to hear about your rat situation. Yikes!

  • Nancy Rhodes C
    Nancy Rhodes C Bessemer, AL

    Thank you Annmarieclark.

  • Lorraine M
    Lorraine M Shepherdsville, KY

    OLD railroad ties are great for raised beds. I had 26 beds on my farm, and grew pretty much every veggie you can name. Old ties don't have the creosote smell; it's worn off. If you use RR ties, don't till more than a few inches (I used a Mantis, and

  • Kris58
    Kris58 Barnesville, MN

    I made our 3 unit pallet compost system about 12 years ago and we love it. Like an earlier post has mentioned, we also have added the doors to enclose each unit and used bungie cords for easy swinging and access. That way the doors can swing either

  • Josephine Howland

    One way to discourage pests is to use Nite Guard lights. We had to put them on our chicken coop to scare off Bears, raccoons, and other predators. They are solar powered and after dusk they blink red lights that resemble predator's eyes and it makes

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