• Stephanie
    Stephanie Fullerton, CA
    I have 8 solar lights that used to work beautifully. I took them out while doing some major pruning. I have hard water, and the solar panel and glass sides were covered with water spots. I removed the deposits with Limeaway, but when I put them back in
    • Ophelia laurel
      Ophelia laurel Philadelphia, PA
      Stephanie try taking a q-tip and cleaning the attachments where you connect the batteries (the casement that attaches to the batteries) use rubbing alcohol.
  • Cindy Sanders
    Cindy Sanders Saint Johns, MI
    Thanks Steph. I'll have to check that out. I use about two dozen solar lites at our camping peoperty.
    • Stephanie
      Stephanie Fullerton, CA
      The A23's that I've purchased have come in packs of 2, but perhaps a large hardware store would carry a larger package for less money.
  • Veronica Ronnie Taylor
    I buy these at Dollar Tree for a $1 so when they don't work anymore I throw them away. Batteries there are $1 too, why buy the batteries when you can get a new light for the same price.
  • Karen Mike
    Karen Mike Peabody, MA
    AA batteries at the Dollar Tree are usually a 4-pack for a dollar, so yeah, more like a quarter each to revitalize :)
  • Kari Samuel
    Kari Samuel De Forest, WI
    i have always used regular AA batteries in mine and they last a long time! does anyone remove them from their yard(s) when winter/snow/cold comes? i haven't before - just wondered if it would make them last a little longer.............
    • Leah M
      Leah M Austin, TX
      Kari Samuel I'd guess if you live where you live, I'd probably consider taking them in. However, lighting to the house during the long dark winter nights might be even more
    • Gail
      Gail Lockport, NY
      I live north of Buffalo NY and I leave mine out all year. The reflection on the snow around the lite is very pretty. I have replaced some batteries but my older ones, without the new bright led lights, I have tossed when they quit.
  • Gloria Macker
    Gloria Macker Bad Axe, MI
    to tell what size of AAA batteries, measure across the width of the light if it's about 1.5 inches, it will take the small ones, if it's 2 inches or so it will take the regular dollar store AAA's, but what I don't understand, the ones inside new lights
  • Gloria Macker
    Gloria Macker Bad Axe, MI
    I live in Michigan and leave mine out all winter. I put them in pots of evergreen branches or tie them to my swags with ribbon or red twine. Nice to have when it gets dark so early.
  • Cindy Reynolds
    Cindy Reynolds Marshall, IL
    do they need to be rechargeable batteries?
    • Vera Brady
      Vera Brady Augusta, GA
      @ Cindy Reynolds I use the rechargeable batteries in all of my outdoor solar lights, they just seems to last longer. I would check the battery that came with with it. It could be a NiCD, NiMD or LiFePO4.
  • Annette Saladino-Halsey
    Does any one know how to fix touch lamps?
  • Sharlene clair
    Sharlene clair Taylor, MI
    I have a 3 solar light planter and I've replaced the batteries and still cannot get them to charge. Help???
  • MaeGatineau
    MaeGatineau Canada
    Are they in a sunny place ? check for an of and on button some lights have them
  • Barbara
    Barbara Morrow, GA
    Thanks for the tip.
  • Cindy Sanders
    Cindy Sanders Saint Johns, MI
    nykeana79, unfortunately.I don't have any of the batteries left. My Q was so long ago that I have since disposed of them. And as far as them being sold in Dollar stores or hardware stores. I haven't seen any in the stores around here. Mid Michigan. The
  • Chris
    Chris Canada
    Great, thanks for the tip.
  • Sue
    Sue Coolidge, AZ
    Go on Ebay for rechargeable batteries. AA 3000mAh 48 for $ 23.99 free shipping =$ .49 You may need a smaller battery, they have them too. If your battery is less than 3000 use them (3000), they are brighter. Don't worry about brand names. They will last
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