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DIY Fix for Spring

Got solar lights that aren't working? Luckily, I know how to fix them right up! And, I am going to share my tip with you! Cuz, well, we're friends and all and that's what friends do, right? Now, you don't need to throw away those solar path lights because you think they have stopped working!
  • diy fix for spring, home maintenance repairs, how to, lighting, Take your light and check it out closely as some are different
Let there be light! For the full instructions on how I did it: http://www.kathewithane.com/2013/04/solar-lightsdiy-quick-fix.html and to see how to fix other solar lights.
  • diy fix for spring, home maintenance repairs, how to, lighting

To see more: http://www.kathewithane.com/2013/04/solar-lightsdiy-quick-fix.html

  • Mary Kay White
    Mary Kay White Joshua Tree, CA

    Wow!! Just last night (!!) I was noticing that I needed to replace a few of my solar lights cuz they were dim or not lighting up at all. Talk about perfect timing! Thanks Kathe!

  • Chris Skinner-Camposano

    Just go to you local Lowes or Home Depot and buy a rechargeable set. It comes with the batteries and a charger. They charge faster and better and those lights will shine like new. The set is more expensive but the batteries are a better quality and

  • Deswiger
    Deswiger Grove City, OH

    Do not forget, the other possibilities if this does not work, i.e., loose wires, corrosion, burnt led, broken switch, bad resistor, not ring to be a bummer but there is more to it. All though this is very good info and a must to try. Good help,

  • MaeGatineau
    MaeGatineau Canada

    i find the batteries in the dollar store now for under 3$ for a Pk

  • Bill
    Bill Newland, NC

    I have 7 rope solar lights, 6 lights that look like carriage lights and 15 single solar light thru out my front and back yard. I use alkaline non rechargeable batteries. They last me about a year. I leave my lights on summer and winter. I have used