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Solar mason jars 5 hours ago
Got solar lights that aren't working? Luckily, I know how to fix them right up! And, I am going to share my tip with you! Cuz, well, we're friends and all and that's what friends do, right?
Take your light and check it out closely as some are different.
By the bulb you should see some small screws
Remove the screws and SLOWLY pull the pieces apart. You will then see a normal, everyday, single AA battery. Yep, that is what gets charged by the sun during the day so that it glows at night!
Change the battery out with a new one and...Let there be light! Head over here to see how to fix other solar lights

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  • Penny Olson
    Penny Olson Virginia Beach, VA
  • Gusjc1
    I have a bunch of little people that have been asking for broken solar lights for their projects. One of the kids showed me this, I told her we will still get enough lights to do the project. I have been replacing batteries for years, do this and save money
  • Rachel
    Rachel Sylvania, GA
    Actually they aren't normal AA, they are rechargeable ones. Which can be expensive. Shop savvy... It may be cheaper to replace the whole unit. I work retail and take them apart almost daily because we have to make sure the batteries aren't leaking.
  • SydB
    SydB North Las Vegas, NV
    Mine need new batteries too. I went to Lowe's and the guy tried to sell me "special solar light" batteries. Way more expensive than regular rechargeable. Glad I chose to wait and glad I saw this. Getting regular rechargeable ones. Thanks for the info.
  • Susie
    Susie Irving, TX
    Thank you so much for the tip. This is really helpful
  • Susan
    Susan Lefors, TX
    I replaced my solar batteries with plain ol' normal dollar store AA batteries...not rechargeable ones...they work just fine.
    • Ed
      Ed Panama City, FL
      The little solar panel recharges the battery. Attempting to recharge a discharged alkaline battery can cause the production of gas within the canister. As the canister is normally sealed, pressure generated by rapid accumulation of gas can open the
  • Lee Priem
    Lee Priem Bridgeton, NJ
    I bring my solar lights in the house during a storm, if the lights go out we still have plenty of light to see what we are doing. works for us.
  • Russell Miller
    You should not use a "regular" AA battery. You should use a NiCd or NmHd which is what should be in these lights, because they are rechargeable batteries. Sticking an alkaline battery in one of these solar lights will damage the light's charging circuit
  • Cheryl Roberts
    Cheryl Roberts The Dalles, OR
  • Bonnie Frietzsche
    I'm blonde and I already knew this one years ago!!!!
  • Dina L. Parker
    Dina L. Parker Houston, TX
    Did NOT work....I replaced with regular Duracell AAA batteries and waited 2 full sun days and they did NOT light up at night...BOOOOOOOO
  • Missy harris
    Missy harris Odessa, TX
    When mine are not pretty , I use for night lights for my dogs in their dog houses. I put outside during day to charge. My dogs really like nightlights
  • Leslie Bando
    Leslie Bando Gilbert, AZ
    Thanks...Duh...! I fixed 6 lights.
  • Leslie Bando
    Leslie Bando Gilbert, AZ
    Thanks...Duh...! I fixed 6 lights.
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