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  • MaeGatineau Canada
    mine had the paper but the batteries are not cheap so we charge them in the sun right until the end of the day
    • Margie Letart, WV
      MaeGatineau you can buy the rechargable batterys in packs for a couple of dollars at harbour freight if you have those stores.
  • Cindy Sharrow Dent Farwell, MI
    they have to be solar I tried regular and rechargeable they don't last very long. these others don't recharge
  • Robin Semmes, AL
    Well I do use the cheap AA batteries and they will last for a little while..haven't had much luck with the solar batteries..Was wondering if you buy a regular recharger for your basic AA batteries, will it recharge the solar batteries?? Yes it can get
  • Carole Australia
    Just a thought. Before you replace the batteries, how much did you pay for each solar light? They sell them in Kmart for $2 each. It may work out cheaper to replace the light than replace the batteries. Just saying.......
  • MaeGatineau Canada
    i bought the batteries when i got my first lights i got at Canadian tire but they work in the $ store lights too i think i paid 7$for them a few years ago
  • MaeGatineau Canada
    the solar batteries--- charge in the sun than change them and charge another oneit seems to be working for me
  • Whispering Deer Bloomfield, NJ
    after 2 + months reg batteries still going strong!
  • My expensive ones have an on/off switch too. If switched to "off" with a new batteries, they never light up no matter how long in the sun. If switched to "on", they stay on continuously until battery dies. My cheap Wal-Mart ones work like they're
  • Solar Flair Lighting Sagamore Beach, MA
    I just replace batteries on solar lamp below; look carefully: it is untouched and you can see the electric floodlight "OFF" in background. Overall this is GREAT post, but one important thing is left out: rechargeable batteries for solar AREN'T the same
  • MaeGatineau Canada
    i bought lights for 1 $ at wall mart with birds on top i found so cute my husband put them in the sun for 2 days to charge but nothing happened ,.yesterday i tool them in and looked them over ,there was a plastic between the the battery so they would not
  • MaeGatineau Canada
    I have mine in my barn window for the winter they look so nice at night they are in the sun all day
  • My solar lights are still working well outside in the snow and -10 temps. I had them out all one winter and really enjoyed them but snow shovels are death to them when they are so cold. When I stored them in the basement with the overhead florescent shop
  • Sue Port Saint Lucie, FL
    I paid .94 for mine at Walmart so it doesn't pay to replace batteries.
  • Carole Australia
    Just thought I would add that our cheap plastic solar lights on our front garden broke and when I replaced them all with stainless steel I made sure to take the batteries out of the old broken ones before disposing of the broken lights. The batteries are
  • Kari Samuel De Forest, WI
    the 12 solar lights in my yard were less than $10 total... I use regular AA batteries, all winter long, and risk maybe loosing one or two thru the harsh Wisconsin weather! I love the way they shine across the snow!