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yard things 05.15.16
Got solar lights that aren't working? Luckily, I know how to fix them right up! And, I am going to share my tip with you! Cuz, well, we're friends and all and that's what friends do, right? Now, you don't need to throw away those solar path lights because you think they have stopped working!
Let there be light! For the full instructions on how I did it: and to see how to fix other solar lights.

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  • Sandy Hartnett
    Sandy Hartnett Philadelphia, PA
    Wow! Didn't know this? Thanks...hugs
  • Joy martin
    Joy martin Gonzales, LA
    To think of how many of these I threw away!

    Thx. :) Gr8 tip ! :)

  • Kathy Bitzan
    Kathy Bitzan Olympia, WA
    Thanks so much for sharing I didn't know that, so now I'm out to check mine before I chuck them.
  • Janet W
    Janet W Jamestown, PA
    I can't believe how many people are unaware that solar lights have batteries. The batteries cost more than buying a new solar light.
    • Psellers
      Psellers El Dorado, AR
      You can buy bulk batteries (96) from these mail order catalogs you get all the time....Heartland and others (for about $20)
  • Rachel
    rachel Springdale, PA
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