Stairs remodel

Home ideas 11.14.15
From carpet to tile and oak stained wood. Easy cleanup, no fuss not muss no wear and tear stairs!
  • AFTER- Tile hallway- easy upkeep and no wear and tear of traffic! (from there the tile and wood stairs begin)
  • BEFORE- it was carpet
  • Before- they used to be carpet
  • after- tile and oak
  • before- used to be carpet
  • tile and oak- super durable
  • after
  • Ana M
    Ana M Alpharetta, GA
    Arthur, I had carpet originally, so I removed the carpet and what was underneath was particle board stairs, I attached the new oak treads to the particle board with construction glue and nails and then only had to attach plywood to the riser to then
  • Derrick Gray
    Derrick Gray Jonesboro, GA
    Good Job. I like it
  • Sandy B
    Sandy B Glenmont, OH
    Did you use regular vinyl, or peel & stick tiles? Looks nice!
  • Ana M
    Ana M Alpharetta, GA
    Sandy B, they are real tiles, we had to lay them grout them on to the riser. They are NOT peel and stick.
  • Nance Rivera
    Nance Rivera Gig Harbor, WA
    Ana - I've been planning to do this to my stairs for a long time. However, I was told by Home Depot and Lowe's reps that I would need to use cement backer board anytime I'm installing tiles. That was a letdown because it is hard for me to work with, cut
Ana M
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