Design trim question

My dining room has traditional trimwork found here in the Atlanta area, (wall frame style?). I would like to add trim to the entry and up the stairs. Do I have to stay with the same style or can a I mix it up and do a batten and board style? Thanks!

  • Culpepper Carpets and Interiors, Inc.
    Laura, I know that I can help answer your question, but to be accurate I would need pictures. Can you take some please?
  • Yamini LEED AP at Urbanmotifs
    Yes, there is no rule as to you have to match the trim. This is a chance to get creative. What types of trim to you have currently? Post some pics here like Lee Anne said it will be great to see the trims that you are trying to incorporate as well.
  • HandyANDY - Handyman & All Repairs, LLC
    Pics always help? Depends on your tastes and the style of your home. You could add a chair rail with stained or painted beadboard below. It's a great look and will take abuse if you paint the beadboard with a semi-gloss paint.
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    Hi Laura, I am in Dacual and if you'll give me a call i'll come by and take a look at your dining room. My number is 770-995-0165. The is never a charge for my service.
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    LOL I really do live in Dacula! Call me, I'll be glad to help.
Laura D