This award winning outdoor space was created by recycling fallen trees, recycled concrete well cover & discarded lum

This is the home of a Master Gardener who loves to create and recycle hidden treasure from the outdoors and indoors. Colorful outdoor fabrics are durable and tie together natures natural colors. This
  • White Oak Studio Designs
    Love your arbor and arbor trail! And the table is especially nice too. Aren't big gardens a total labor of love? Very nice work! I have 2 /12 acres of gardens that I cultivate...planted all from scratch over the past 12 years. If you have the time to
  • Dianneschlies
    Dianneschlies Albuquerque, NM
    Yes how did you secure the posts into the ground?
  • Kim
    Kim Olive Hill, KY
    Love it all
  • Shannon A
    Shannon A Lawrenceville, GA
    I love love this....but how do you keep the snakes, raccoons and insects away?
  • Diamond Chamberlin
    I am using crepe myrtle branches that the landscaper boyfriend cut as support for my blackberries. Looks so great and it didn't cost me a penny.
  • My Garden Shine
    My Garden Shine North Myrtle Beach, SC
    Very nice - big applause to the Creator of these masterpieces..
  • Amy Aguirre
    Amy Aguirre Quitman, TX
    Love it, just need a good book and coffee.
  • Marsha
    Marsha Yonkers, NY
    Very nice and comfortable looking.
  • Susan Rivers
    Susan Rivers Rehoboth Beach, DE
    I am so jealous. I just sold my NJ home and beautiful garden and moved to a flat, sandy, subdivision near the beach. The yard is the first thing I tackled, and will be the last thing I work on this earth. Wish me luck.
    • JBsez
      JBsez Forked River, NJ
      Susan Rivers - We built a house on a sandy, poison ivy infested lot. Took a few years to reclaim the yard. Town compost pile lugged in spackle cans and bushel baskets, then dug
  • Dana Corby
    Dana Corby Anderson Island, WA
    Inspirational! I live in the woods and this gives me wonderful ideas!
  • Virginia Snyderb 53 And Married For 26 Years
    I really like what this person did with this.
  • DeMarie I
    DeMarie I Benkelman, NE
  • The Manly Club
    The Manly Club Mcminnville, OR
    Highly effective design. Resources that are overlooked by others can be so useful! Great job.
  • Susan E
    Susan E Pollock Pines, CA
    So jealous. Wish we had some water here in CA.
    LYNDA Owensboro, KY
    That is so wonderful, I am just trying to do alittle corner next to my house that was a drive. I am right on the street , well almost and have a couple of beds already. But no where to sit So I am trying to cosy it up. Thanks for the pictures. Lynda
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