This award winning outdoor space was created by recycling fallen trees, recycled concrete well cover & discarded lum

Upcycle/Recycle 07.17.15
This is the home of a Master Gardener who loves to create and recycle hidden treasure from the outdoors and indoors. Colorful outdoor fabrics are durable and tie together natures natural colors. This garden is continually develping and 1000's of hours have already contributed to it's beauty.


  • My Root Art, from a fallen tree.
  • Old Well cover coverted to a fire pit with removeable table top.
  • Gazebo built with fallen recycled trees. In distance the view is highlighted by a large picture frame
  • The Arbor is also built with fallen tree and muscadine vines pulled from the trees.
  • Susan E
    Susan E Pollock Pines, CA
    So jealous. Wish we had some water here in CA.
    LYNDA Owensboro, KY
    That is so wonderful, I am just trying to do alittle corner next to my house that was a drive. I am right on the street , well almost and have a couple of beds already. But no where to sit So I am trying to cosy it up. Thanks for the pictures. Lynda
  • Julie Scavitti
    Julie Scavitti Warwick, RI
    That is absolutely beautiful! What a wonderful space to be able to relax in! For me, being in nature like that would be heaven! Great job!
  • Sandy
    sandy Melber, KY
    best trees to grow in Kentucky? buying home and there are no trees in yard. Something thats easy to maintainand will grow fast
    • Buckleybh
      Buckleybh Denver, CO
      Sandy , The first thing you ned to do is note down how much space you have that's not under power lines or next to a neighbor's protruding upstairs windoew, if it's a narrow space.
  • Barbara
    Barbara Morrow, GA
    Great job. that is very nice. Thanks for posting it.
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