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Want to change from brass knobs thru-out house on kitchen cabinets & built-ins in LR and DR.

My big problem is that I have brass door levers thru-out house, with 7 being entry doors - too expensive to replace. Can I mix metals or just stick to brass. All the knobs are Baldwin brass. (They weren't cheap! 45 knobs in kitchen & 16 in LR and DR) I want to update as we plan to sell soon. What to do?!!! Oh, I forgot that I have built-in cabinets & drawers in my BR. More knobs! Geez...
  • Penny
    Penny Columbia, SC

    Thanks, Charlene... I'm beginning to. I hate that I've spent so much on this house (completely taken down to the studs 12 years ago), to have my countertops outdated by some standards. But I will be changing out my cabinet knobs. I appreciate your

  • Charlene S
    Charlene S Lawton, PA

    Penelope, my thought is to update at the lowest cost for the biggest bang on your return! In my opinion, Corion is definately not outdated. Changing the knobs on the cabinets will definately give them a "newer" look! Painting, redoing the floors, &

  • Nora
    Nora Virginia Beach, VA

    Penelope, why not post some photos of the existing kitchen--some overviews of the entire space and some close-ups of areas in question? That way we can give more specific advice.

  • L Gib
    L Gib Charlton, MA

    Self etching paint, available through auto paint supply stores, will provide a durable finish. It will be quite a task though, considering how many doors you have. Possibly concentrate on main living areas and leave the bedrooms as the are.

  • Kelly
    Kelly Blytheville, AR

    Spray paint is your best friend.