Carpet tiles in basement with adhesive backing...yes or no? Finishing 1300 sq ft and ceramic/porcelain tile is expensive

Have never had water in our bsmt (knock on wood) in 11 years. Can we get away with carpet tiles? Do we need a moisture barrier backing since we'll putting directly on concrete?

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    Hi Laurie, Have you considered stained concrete flooring? Done right, it can look amazing and be extremely resilient. Interested? Have a look at some of our recent projects to see if this is something you would like in that space. Call and we can
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    A carpeted basement is almost always looking for trouble even though lost of us do it. I have carpet in one of my basements and the kids love it. If the slab is sealed and you have a separate hvac unit for the basement that you use year-round, then you
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    Tile can vary widely in price...I've installed basic "bulk tile" from the big box store that runs 69 cents a sq to 99 cents. with a big job like that you could do the whole floor for 5 to 6 k.
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    Going slightly "against the grain" here about the carpet tile. At one of our major office facilities in Atlanta, our regional facility used carpet squares on tons of office space in a multi-floor environment.
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    IMHO....seal the concrete floor and go to this site tofind commercial floor tiles at a very reasonable price:
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