Can anyone tell me how much I can expect to pay for a 30x32' concrete slab? Foundation? Basement?

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  • SawHorse.net Atlanta, GA
    There are many factors that go into the price for this scope of work. If you have a set of plans and specifications, I am sure that there are local contractors willing to give you a price for this. Some of the factors that would affect the price would
  • A T Warm Springs, OR
    Just looking for a ballpark figure before I start talking to contractors. Are we looking at $5000 or $50,000?
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    As Sawhorse said...this is variable. I've seen pricing from 5 to 15 per sq foot. with your ball park 1000 sq this would be 5 to 15K
  • A T Warm Springs, OR
  • SawHorse.net Atlanta, GA
    You can also go by some estimating tables at your local hardware store. Means data is available as well. This applies more for new construction or commercial work and has a multiplier for your area.