Awesome Remodels 04.05.14

DIY Spoon & Pallet Hook Rack

By using thrift store spoons and a board from an old pallet, this spoon and pallet hook rack will add loads of charm to any room- on a budget! Stop by the blog to see just how easy this is to make- and a secret way to "stamp" the spoons!

To see more: http://www.thewoodgraincottage.com/2013/04/04/diy-spoon-pallet-hook-rack/

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  • Love these! Sure beats a traditional hook, that is for certain!
  • Jeff C Broadview Heights, OH
    While this looks cool, how practical are those handles with regards to the amount of weight they can handle before they bend.
  • This is adorable!
  • SweetPea Paula Lynchburg, VA
    I love this project! Thanks for the tip on making faux stamping!
  • Anita H Niceville, FL
    Really cute! I must get some stamps!
  • Tree Lindsay Vineland, NJ
    I absolutely love this idea!! Would be great for a country kitchen look.
  • Love it! These are so adorable!
  • Monique Burkes Columbia, SC
    Thrifty, practical, and cute!
  • Great project! Cute for any room.
  • wonderful who would of thought b nice for gift to.
  • AWESOME! I so love this and how great for the kitchen!
  • Isabel Ward Palm Springs, CA
    Simply amazing. My new project. :)
  • Miriam I New York, NY
    Love this!
  • Caren Lanzo Mesquite, NV
    Great job! hanging racks are so versatile and useful!
  • Sharon Richardson Lakeland, FL
    I just love this! Such a neat idea.