From Playful Kid's bathroom to Sophisticated adult teen bathroom ON A BUDGET! Not everyone has thousands to spend !!

Guest Bath 01.31.15
Everything you see in this bathroom is NEW, including the toilet! And YES, I did all the work myself, from wiring the new light fixture to, putting up the new mirror, the new crown molding, the tile floor, the granite bathroom counter top I had cut at a granite place choosing a remnant piece that ended up being cheaper. I also installed the toilet, new faucet, bathtub spout & shower head for the bathroom. My son picked the color on the walls!

I believe YOU can do it! DIY is my motto, and living in you home the way YOU would like to live in it just take a little patience to seek out the best deal and some sweat equity. You end up with something much nicer than what you had before and you are able to enjoy it and NOT wait until you are going to sell YOUR HOME to fix YOUR HOME!

DIY takes a lot of searching for the bargains and a little research and talking to the DIY home improvement store experts, they are very helpful and ready to help you get your project done! So get inspired and start a project~! Ana Maria

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    You are inspiring AM, the real DIY deal.

    Well done.

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY
    New floor rocks!
  • Ari G
    Ari G Atlanta, GA
    I wish I had the patience and more importantly skill to accomplish what you did. Great job!
  • Ana M
    Ana M Alpharetta, GA
    Mosquito Curtains, I did rip up the vinyl flooring and tile the floor and did the simple design to make it a little more interesting.
  • Carol
    Carol Alpharetta, GA
    Awesome! I would like to change out a vanity. You've inspired me to entertain that idea.
  • Ana M
    Ana M Alpharetta, GA
    Carol, YOU CAN DO IT! I changed the vanities in my Master Bath and it was super easy, hardest part was leveling it with the wood shims but once that was done and leveled it was a breeze, the plumbing for the faucet is as easy as reading the directions!
  • SheilaG, Plum Doodles
    Great job, Ana! I love the extra pizzazz with the floor tile. :)
  • Ana M
    Ana M Alpharetta, GA
    Thanks Sheila, I am NO expert and tried to do a 'little design' that would not kill me trying to figure it out, so tried to keep it simple but it gave it a little custom look I think.
  • HandyANDY Home Renovations All Repairs, LLC
    The break down and pricing will help some of our fellow Hometalkers.....who can basically triple this number to get a rough estimate for a professional to do it. Remember - pro's carry insurance, pay labor & taxes so our prices are higher. Thanks for
  • Aimee M
    Aimee M Angels Camp, CA
    what is the color you used?
  • Ana M
    Ana M Alpharetta, GA
    Cyberspace from Sherwin Williams, Aimee M.
  • Aimee M
    Aimee M Angels Camp, CA
    Thank you
  • Ana M
    Ana M Alpharetta, GA
  • Carroll B
    Carroll B Moultrie, GA
    Ana I love your new bathroom. Everything is beautiful. The wall color really set it off. YOU GO GIRL!!!!!
  • Betty
    Betty Fayetteville, GA
    Love the wall color! What a great transformation! Awesome job! You should be proud of yourself!
Ana M