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You want your own island?? Make one! DIY Kitchen island.

I needed an kitchen island desperately as I love to cook. So I made one by buying two prefab cabinets that matched my already existing kitchen (or think outside the box and go with a different color). One cabinet was a two door/two drawer cabinet, the other a one door one drawer. I clamped them together and bolted them together from the inside. Then I bought dry erase board in white to cover the back of the island , I glued it with construction glue after cutting it to measurement. (My son loved to practice his spelling words on it and draw when he was little). Next I bought some corner molding and painted it white to seal the corners of the island for a finished look. (The granite was not my doing- had a company do it- but before I got granite I went to a Corian place and had a counter top made for my island in the measurements I wanted). I made sure when they cut the granite they gave me enough of a ledge for stools if I wanted in the future.

**I have since remodeled the kitchen again, and am now going to tackle the re-surfacing of it.**

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  • Sheryll S Jacksonville, FL
    And see. SEEE...... a woman did this kitchen.... a woman that COOKS and BAKES.not a man's idea of an idito kitchen.
  • Ana M Alpharetta, GA
    Sheryll, you might want to look into it, mine is undermount , it is not a farmhouse style so I did not have to re-plumb other that simply connect my faucets. I measured investigated and found the one with the right measurements and dimensions for no
  • Ruth H Alpharetta, GA
    Thanks for sharing your great idea. I love it!
  • Marg C Middletown, NY
    wonderful! and look at all the extra cabinet space you now have! Very creative :)
  • Jeanne D Lorton, VA
    This is beyond words ! I tried for years to figure out how to do this and finally bought a wine cabinet with marble top. Will save this.
  • Diana N Covington, GA
    I used to design kitchens for a big box store and this is how we made islands - by putting base cabinets together. One way to put it on wheels is to inset pieces of plywood into the bottom of the cabinets and mount the wheels to that. Another way is to
  • Tonya H Kimberly, WI
    yeah iI love it! I need to finish my bathroom first, but would like to keep this one on file! Thanks!
  • Linda Stone Inman, SC
    Great job! I have a small kitchen and currently have an island husband made 30 years ago. I definitely would welcome a new one. I think I just found a project for him now that he is retired!
  • Annette Owen Alliance, NE
    On the back side of the cabinet you can install shelving for more storage space. A towel rack on 1 of the sides, and a wire rack on the other side for foil and such. All handy right in your Island.
  • I did the same thing this summer because I wanted to eliminate a kitchen table due to lack of space. Looks great!
  • Kim Smith Barbados
    Love your sunny yellow kitchen,and the island,nice ideas for my new kitchen that I start very soon!!
  • Julie Campistron Santa Monica, CA
    very cool!
  • Stasun Hebert Ogdensburg, NY
    Nice job!! I am actually looking at getting an island myself. I do not have a lot storage in my kitchen, think I might put three more cabinets on the other side (back to back) for a bigger island and more storage!! Thanks for the idea...
  • Ana M Alpharetta, GA
    Annette Owen Thanks! On the backside I actually used whiteboard so my son could practice his spelling words while I was cooking but now that he is grown I might install shelving since I am updating the kitchen ....again....
  • Annette Owen Alliance, NE
    I did mind that way, on ther shelving thats where I keep larger bowls, and cook books, platers. On the sides I installed wire racks for wrap, foil, things like that. Plus a towel holder.