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You want your own island?? Make one! DIY Kitchen island.

I needed an kitchen island desperately as I love to cook. So I made one by buying two prefab cabinets that matched my already existing kitchen (or think outside the box and go with a different color). One cabinet was a two door/two drawer cabinet, the other a one door one drawer. I clamped them together and bolted them together from the inside. Then I bought dry erase board in white to cover the back of the island , I glued it with construction glue after cutting it to measurement. (My son loved to practice his spelling words on it and draw when he was little). Next I bought some corner molding and painted it white to seal the corners of the island for a finished look. (The granite was not my doing- had a company do it- but before I got granite I went to a Corian place and had a counter top made for my island in the measurements I wanted). I made sure when they cut the granite they gave me enough of a ledge for stools if I wanted in the future.
**I have since remodeled the kitchen again, and am now going to tackle the re-surfacing of it.**

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  • Julie
    Julie Somerset, KY

    WE done about same thing Bought 2 cabinets pre done one local flea markets. We had not much counter space and couldnt have Kitchen table and island to set hot things or mix. So the 2 cabinets and over sized ply wood on top large enough to seat 6

  • UpstateNYer
    UpstateNYer Kingston, NY

    You can also do cabinets back to back -with doors opening on both sides. And then place a top of your choice with an overhang and stools. Friends of mine did this and eliminated the use of an additional kitchen table and added loads of storage for

  • Superbee
    Superbee Thousand Oaks, CA

    I'm confused- is the top granite or corian or both?? Not sure why you needed the corian place to measure, then bought granite ?? Sorry, this is something I've never worked with. It's an awesome idea and finished project in any event!!

  • Suz
    Suz Oklahoma City, OK

    ...what does one say after viewing your posting-- "Nice, very nice!" thanks for sharing a must clip = )...

  • Cindy
    Cindy San Antonio, TX

    Where did you buy the chairs?

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