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  • Diana N Covington, GA
    Having been a kitchen designer in one of the big box stores for over 10 years, I can say that I really like the Ikea cabinets. I was able to glean a lot of ideas from their in store displays and am actually remodeling my kitchen using their cabinets.
  • I have seen some lovely kitchens made from Ikea products, Great JOB!!
  • Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    I have a concern about the weight the shelving can hold. I am not familiar with Ikea except what a friend has and her cabinetry is bowing under the weight of small appliances and cookware. The old ugly kitchen had been sturdier.
  • We used them in some rentals and I wasn't impressed with the quality or durability at all. To me, they are cheaply made cabinets. You can buy some fairly decent wood faced, plywood boxed cabinets if you hunt for them. Some of the other import stuff is
  • Dorothy S Streamwood, IL
    I love my IKEA kitchen
  • Patricia M Cave Creek, AZ
    I just love my Ikea kitchen. Installed 6 years ago. It's a high gloss white panel door. I coupled it with CeasarStone Martini Apple green counter top and a raspberry parfait colored back splash,,,I'm in heaven, in my kitchen!
  • Thanks for your input on your long-term experience with your IKEA kitchen.

    It's great to have input from Arizona!

  • Katie G Newnan, GA
    We are in the process of installing an Ikea kitchen. My goal is for it to not look like an Ikea kitchen....while maintaining an Ikea budget. After pricing out other cabinets, we found that Ikea got us the same/better quality for a much lower price when
  • Great post Katie. These are awesome kitchens.
  • I agree with Lee Anne. thanks for sharing your collection of creative IKEA kitchens.
  • Nicely done Katie...if you can pull off the last kitchen, it's a great look. I'm not a huge Ikea fan....you can get better quality cabinets for around the same money right now. You just have to shop it or work with a kitchen designer who has the
  • I am one of the Andy as you know, but when it is not in the budget Costco in Alpharetta has a program that provides a certified & qualified designer & crew.
  • Hamtil Construction LLC Saint Louis, MO
    Great post, and I love all the feedback. While I have never done one, I have quite an interest in it. I think that Ikea has it's place in the kitchen world... and in fact, a connection I have uses Ikea exclusively in her kitchen renovations. Great
  • Deborah H Toney, AL
    Old post I know but I like them! I am about to use faux brick panels in my kitchen and paint my cabinets. I am going industrial. Now ....what color for the cabinets!
  • Becky J Troy, IL
    and actually, I have changed my mind about IKEA, especially since St Louis is going to be getting one next year. CANNOT Wait!
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