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Does anyone like IKEA kitchens?

We helped our homeowner remodel his kitchen with IKEA cabinets in order to give them a mid century modern feel to their mid century ranch home. They loved it. What do you think?
  • Becky (J) P
    Becky (J) P Highland, IL

    and actually, I have changed my mind about IKEA, especially since St Louis is going to be getting one next year. CANNOT Wait!

  • Complete Solutions
    Complete Solutions Knoxville, TN

    IKEA makes quality cabinets with great glides and hinges. If you assemble and install them correctly you should not have any issues. Remember all cabinets were knock-down at some point. Someone assembled every cabinet you see at the store. We

  • J
    J Florence, SC

    they are okay. not crazy re color of the brick wall but hey, not my kitchen.

  • Lisa B.
    Lisa B. New York, NY

    It looks great. Not sure I would have gone with dark appliances. But the streamlined look of the cabinets is very period. Nice job

  • Michele Moss

    We have done IKEA and it looked a million dollars,,, we installed them and they were perfect used their appliances too just great highly recommend