Want to paint my kitchen countertops to look like stone (travertine or limestone) any suggestions?

  • Aj L
    Aj L Greenville, SC
    Giani Granite paint Kit is great and if you take your time and allow proper drying time inbetween coats and a light sand inbetween coats your counterw will be awesome
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    This is just a "band-aid" fix at best....new laminate are only a few hundred bucks for the average sized kitchen. Large granite tiles are one of my more common installs Here an average kitchen's worth is 800 to a grand in material....way cheaper than slab.
  • Martina D
    Martina D Broken Arrow, OK
    It would be a great alternative

    if it looked and endured like the real thing. I'm curious post pictures.

  • Aubrey L
    Aubrey L Salem, VA
  • Therese C
    Therese C Greenfield, IA
    Rust-o-leum has a kit for this at Lowe's and Home Depot. Just make sure to really read everything closely to make sure it is what you want and that ALL products used are food safe! They make a food safe sealer that will protect your design and last for
  • Theresa S
    Theresa S Annandale, NJ
    I just cant imagine paint holding up on countertops. Would love to know if anyone painted their countertops & how it is holding up.
  • Suzi B
    Suzi B Ottumwa, IA
    My sister did the counter tops on her bar and it is beautiful she got her kit at Lowes and she used the Rust-o-leum and they also have plenty of colors to choose from.
  • Jan O
    Jan O Clancy, MT
    I saw the kit at Home Depot. Must give it a try this spring on my 30 yr formica counter top. Must first run the figures and see if kit price vs new update top warrants the work
  • Kathy H
    Kathy H Kansas City, MO
    They have kits for this now,a total wow! We just picked one up from Home Depot for my sister's kitchen.It's the new project coming up.Excited to try it! will let you know....
  • Norma H
    Norma H Longview, TX
    I personally would not do it unless I could have new tops put on if it is not satisfactory.Old may be the better one to live with lol......
  • Gay C
    Gay C Appleton, WI
    I did this with kitchen counter tops using regular Behr paint. Did it 4 years ago and it's holding up great. I am very pleased with the results.
  • HandyANDY - Handyman & All Repairs, LLC
    Rust-o-leum has a "granite" countertop kit that we've used a couple of times now but I can't tell you how it will hold up. The kits are around $200 if I remember correctly.
  • Susan S
    Susan S Fredericksburg, VA
    Rust-o-leum also has a kit which is all inclusive as I remember. I thoroughly researched this awhile back - think they have their own web-site and they give you precise instructions. The only down side was I think they caution you to go easy for the
  • Terry M
    Terry M Quincy, IL
    I agree with Peace Painting. My friend and I went to SW and got all the supplies to clean, prime, paint, faux sponge and seal her countertops. It looked beautiful when done and she is a very active cook since she is a preachers wife and it has held up
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    Just assuming that you know it will not 'wear' like formica/stone, there are products available that will not peel or scratch off, they will just be more prone to scuffing, burning, etc.
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