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Want to paint my kitchen countertops to look like stone (travertine or limestone) any suggestions?

  • One Man and A Hammer, Inc.

    a five year guarantee??? Against what?? What's the fine print?? I guess a five-year is better than a Lifetime guarantee....or is it?? A guarantee is good ONLY if the company standing behind it will service the guarantee.

  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO

    This pretty good sized kitchen's granite tile was only $600. add a bit more for labor and this remodel will last a long long time.
    For the complete kitchen pic look at pic #27 in this project set.

  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    Peace Painting Co., Inc. Alpharetta, GA


  • Debbie L
    Debbie L Sacramento, CA

    Naturally if you was doing it yourself you need a water cutter the knowhow and how to set the sink and the plumbing..all the little things that alot of homeowners don't know how. Paint..well if it is bad..you just paint over untill you like it. Tile?

  • Taylor P
    Taylor P Randlett, UT

    I've been thinking about replacing my counter tops. I just don't like the old icky look on our current counter tops. They feel so old and really, they are. We've lived in this house for a good seven years, and the house was at least ten years old