Want to paint my kitchen countertops to look like stone (travertine or limestone) any suggestions?

  • Teri U
    Teri U Queen Creek, AZ
    Thanks for all of the info. I have had all of the supplies for awhile now, I guess I am just scared to go for it.
  • A1-Painting&Cleaning
    A1-Painting&Cleaning South Bend, IN
    I am a painter and I have done many.. Mine as well.

    Prime the counter after you clean it..2 coats of the main color.. the technique will be practiced on card board until you

  • Laurie L
    Laurie L Sebring, FL
    Thanks..appreciate it. I hated my counter tops before I found Gianni.
  • Laura W
    Laura W Glenford, OH
    I painted mine a solid color using ProClassic paint by SW. It is a latex paint formulated to dry hard as an enamel (made for doors and trim.) I started with a bonding primer first, then the paint. I rolled it on so I didn't have brush stroles. This was a
  • Sarah B
    Sarah B Savage, MN
    I've used Giani Granite to create the look of Granite. I used the Chocolate Brown color kit and got both of these looks w/the same kit!!
  • Ana M
    Ana M Alpharetta, GA
    Let us know if you do it, and post pictures, seems like since I did mine everyone is talking about new products out there that might work! Laurie L. Yours looks great!
  • Yamini LEED AP at Urbanmotifs
    Ok, I learnt something today from all you Pros out there!
  • Marilyn H
    Marilyn H Dawson, MN
    I have painted my kitchen countertops twice! It has held up very well considering the amount of cooking I do. The countertop I painted over was old 1965 stuff. The first time I painted I wanted to mimic my kitchen flooring and used two colors of white
  • Debbie L
    Debbie L Sacramento, CA
    I did this over plain old formica many years ago and the counters are fine. First sand them, then paint a grey tinted Zinzers 123 then stipple, rag and make it look rock like- look at pictures of faux stones. I then made Rock-tite, colored it and globbed
  • Laurie L
    Laurie L Sebring, FL
    This is the after
  • Lisa E
    Lisa E Accoville, WV
    I used the Rustoleum kit from Lowe's ($250) and it looks great. But, beware..it is very messy. I put the plastic on the cabinets and floor(hardwood) , but it is still very messy. It looks so much better though.
  • Laurie L
    Laurie L Sebring, FL
    Gianni is definitely the best, I love how mine turned out. Did two years ago, and haven't had any problems with it. Lots of compliments.
  • Liz R
    Liz R Lincolnshire, IL
    I wouldn't try it...and I'm in the business and have tried a bunch of "do it yourself" type of projects. But to paint a counter top to look like granite or limestone, I would be worried about the wear and tear and eventually the re-sale value. With all
  • Robin L
    Robin L Escondido, CA
    The Gianni kit is the best!!! It looks incredible....Everyone thinks I had new countertops installed....
  • Ann T
    Ann T North Manchester, IN
    Wow. You are brave. I did the same thing to a countertop in my laundry room a few years (and house) back. It turned out BEAUTIFUL....but started to peel off. In fact I could grab a small piece and it would ALL peel off. So I did it ALL OVER
Teri U