Want to paint my kitchen countertops to look like stone (travertine or limestone) any suggestions?

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  • Aubrey L Salem, VA
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    I wonder why many chose to paint...when real granite in tile form is so affordable


  • Bruce B Loganville, GA
    I used the Rustoleum product. All I can say is follow the directions and if you can avoid using the wetting agent, do so. It kills the base coat. The only area that covered good was the area where I did not use it.
  • KMS, interesting website.

    I think people are choosing paint because they are more comfortable working with paint then tile.

  • I just came across this thread and one thing comes to mind; you only get as much as you are willing to pay. Painted counter tops??? Seriously?? I can believe that it looks nice for a few months but it's nearly impossible for a painted surface, especially
  • Jennifer J Oklahoma City, OK
    I did a slim piece of counter top in my kitchen and it chipped where I use it the most. I got a granite look counter top at Lowe's for a great price. They cut it down for me at no extra charge. There was a end piece that ironed on the sides. It is
  • Aubrey L Salem, VA
    I agree with the person above.....PAINTED COUNTER TOPS??? SERIOUSLY?? Only if you don't plan to use them, but just want to look at them. People do what they want, but hind site IS 20/20.
  • A1-Painting&Cleaning South Bend, IN
    My counters have been painted twice ,changed color of kitchen and to have counters that really match gives that real custom look. Mine have lasted for over 12yrs. I use it like I would any other counter. I don't cut on it,yet I wouldn't cut on nothing
  • Laura W Boise, ID
    Here's my 2 cents. I wanted to paint my countertops too. Looked into it, watched tutorials, researched it. Went to a home show. There I found a company that sprays countertops and bathtubs and showers. Yes, it was a lot more than DIY . They said
  • Laura W Boise, ID
    Oh yah, the co. I hired, they have a 5 yr. guarantee.
  • a five year guarantee??? Against what?? What's the fine print?? I guess a five-year is better than a Lifetime guarantee....or is it?? A guarantee is good ONLY if the company standing behind it will service the guarantee.
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    This pretty good sized kitchen's granite tile was only $600. add a bit more for labor and this remodel will last a long long time.
  • Nice.
  • Debbie L Sacramento, CA
    Naturally if you was doing it yourself you need a water cutter the knowhow and how to set the sink and the plumbing..all the little things that alot of homeowners don't know how. Paint..well if it is bad..you just paint over untill you like it. Tile?
  • Taylor P Randlett, UT
    I've been thinking about replacing my counter tops. I just don't like the old icky look on our current counter tops. They feel so old and really, they are. We've lived in this house for a good seven years, and the house was at least ten years old when we