Pallet Fence: Re-purposing pallets

PALETT STUFF 2 days ago
This is a fence I made for my garden using pallets and old pickets from a fence that had been torn down. When I ran out of the old pickets, I used pallet boards and cut them to match the pickets so I could complete the project. My fenced area is 30' X 40' and I still had pallets left over for other projects.
  • Pallet fence panel before trimming the rotten wood and painting.
  • Pallet fence panel after trimming and painting.
  • The fence is being installed.
  • The garden gate was made from pallets too. The arbor was made from my childrens' old sandbox. We cut the large boards down to build the arbor.
  • The fence is almost finished.
  • Here is a picture taken from my bench at the back of the garden looking towards the arbor. The fence is complete. Now on to making the garden look pretty. This will take awhile.
  • Elizabeth Sagarminaga
    Elizabeth Sagarminaga Mission Viejo, CA
    It is a fantastic idea to make a fence from recycled wood or old fence board. I really love your tips. The tips and instruction that you have shared for this project are really mind-blowing and inspiring.I am also specialized in this trade and our
  • Jennifer Thompson
    Oh wow! Ok, so, you totally get the kudos of the day for a new and unique take on pallet transformation! I love the upcycle of materials and I love that it doesn't scream "I'm a pallet!!". Great job!
  • Sibella Corbin
    Sibella Corbin Baltimore, MD
    Fantastic idea, thank you for sharing.
  • Patty
    Patty Pollard, AR
    That is by far the best pallet fence I've seen. Wonderful job!
  • Wanda Cascio
    Wanda Cascio New Iberia, LA
    I was looking for a fence to go around my generator and air conditioning unit. This might work. Thanks.

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