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Re-purposing pallets

This is a fence I made for my garden using pallets and old pickets from a fence that had been torn down. When I ran out of the old pickets, I used pallet boards and cut them to match the pickets so I could complete the project. My fenced area is 30' X 40' and I still had pallets left over for other projects. Full tutorial will be available very soon.
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  • Robin Johnson Gotham, WI
    I think it looks awesome! And plan on using your idea for building mine! Not sure if my pallets all match each other though....
  • Allison House Sumter, SC
    Thanks Robin Johnson. I got all my pallets from a heating/air company so they were pretty much alike. Some were larger than others but still had the same basic shape & design. It was hard to break them down when I needed the extra boards to cut pickets
  • Wendy Willey Spokane, WA
    I could not get your web page to open... www.craftythingssc.com.
  • Allison House Sumter, SC
    I'm sorry about the web-site. I am working on it and did not realize it would be posted on facebook tonight. I will try to get it back up as quickly as I can.
  • Karen Edmondson Amarillo, TX
    Funny that pup is inside fence!
  • Thank you for sharing your project. Great use of old pallets. Reuse.......re-purpose.
  • Tina Kern Wallace North Platte, NE
    What a great ideal:)
  • Holly Clark Port Charlotte, FL
    Neat! I might do that for the garden area!
  • Bridgett G Des Moines, IA
    that is awesome
  • Judy Cornelison Grantsburg, WI
    I love everything about this - pallets, pickets, arbor. You did a fantastic job.
  • Sharon Wingard Indiana, PA
    what a beautiful idea!
  • Ev Hobel Canada
    This is beautiful! I think one of the nicest pallet uses I've seen.
  • Linda Sparks Pell City, AL
    Going to copy you. Just tore down a fence and have pallets on hand. Great idea.
  • Deb Stacy, MN
    This is fantastic. I've always wanted to fence my front yard and this is so quaint looking. Thank you for sharing.