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Bathroom Mosaic

Hi, I have never posted anything on the internet before, but I am in the middle of a renovating a house and have done so many fun things and wanted to share.
I couldn't decide on one type of tile to surround our claw foot tub, so I collected various colors of tile that I liked and made a mosaic. I didn't draw it out; just wanted it to look free and flowing. Please excuse the mess in the rest of the picture - I had a failed attempt at hanging a chandelier - need to find a smaller one.
Oh, we have a farmhouse sink with a sideboard to be used in there also. The whole bathroom will be finished with all re-purposed materials; sink and tub found at junk sales, refinished mirror found in garbage and repainted, windows off of Craigslist, floors taken out of a foreclosed house and put in by my husband, over the sink light from garage sale. Oh, and the 2 doors, not shown, are also Craigslist items.
Time: 35 Hours Difficulty: Medium
  • bathroom mosaic, bathroom ideas, tiling
  • bathroom mosaic, bathroom ideas, tiling
Before picture

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  • Elaine
    Elaine Burnsville, MN

    You are truly an artist! Your work is stunning!

  • Jeeni Zucchini
    Jeeni Zucchini Willamina, OR

    Love, love, love this!

  • Cferrao

    I would love to do this for my girls bathroom. Not on such a grand scale! please do share how you did this!

  • S
    S Seattle, WA

    WOW! Just, WOW!

  • S
    S Seattle, WA

    Love it!
    Need tutorial, please.

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