Plant Labels

Plant markers 04.21.15
Fellow Hometalker Erica Glasener and I visited a new nursery together today and inevitably brought back a few plants. I bought a cardoon, which will grow into a large, spiky, distinctive plant. I'll put it by the street and I'm sure my neighbors will ask what it is.

My question is this: What are some interesting ideas for a label?

I'm not fond of plastic or wooden what have you used that worked well?

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  • Julie G
    Julie G Chardon, OH
    I've found that paint pens last even longer than permanent markers... you find them in the craft aisle of most big box stores, or at any place that sells art supplies
  • Designs by BSB
    Designs by BSB Lawrenceville, GA
    Look at this idea I stumbled across... twig markers!!
  • Steve G
    Steve G Fort Collins, CO
    BeckySue, those are pretty. I have done really ugly versions of that before to mark plants, but these are great.
  • Mary Pinson
    Mary Pinson Greenville, SC
    Use old popsicle sticks or the tags off of bread bags
  • Oliver Teske
    Oliver Teske Saint Paul, MN
    Use garden stakes attached to old clay pots or plastic containers
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