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Black specks in my water?

More recently, we often have little black specks in our water, especially hot water. I only notice it in the bathtubs, as they stick to the sides and smear when you try to wipe them away, but then looked closely and got really grossed out when I found some stuck inside my bathroom drinking cup! The other day I think one also came out of our kitchen sink faucet which REALLY bothered me!
We had this problem years ago and I can't remember what we did to correct it. Is this related to a bad/disintegrating part of my hot water heater, or do I just need to flush out my hot water heater? The house is about 9 years old but we were the first owners and have lived here for 8. Or is this something else? I'm hoping it won't require a plumber's help. Thanks!!
  • Cate Hamilton
    Cate Hamilton Dallas, TX

    I second what Rob Underhill said, exactly. Taking his lead, I called Delta with the hose number (ours was A112.18.1) and they explained that they were aware of the problem and would be happy to replace it. They even sent the new part with rush

    • Bill Briggeman
      Bill Briggeman Broken Arrow, OK

      @Cate Hamilton Hi, Cate! Hey, can you post the Delta number? Our kitchen Delta faucet is doing the exact same thing and it's the only one with a hose... Thnx!

  • Holly R
    Holly R Apex, NC

    An update on this - we did replace our hot water expansion tank and the problem completely went away for good. So I guess the answer is if you're having problems everywhere in the house, check the expansion tank. If it's only in your kitchen sink,

  • Greg Theb
    Greg Theb Huntsville, AL

    I just saw this and I am having the same issue with the little black whatever that is coming sporadically out of my kitchen faucet. I happen to have 2 water heaters and the one for the kitchen is ~10 years old. It started about 2 months ago and

  • Markminnix

    The answer is.....Black manganese naturally found in well water this is very comon however it can be alleviated by clearing and cleaning your water well and making sure your filtering system is working. number 3 making sure that the water system is

  • Dwight Jarratt

    After taking the faucet apart and cleaning all the parts I could, I put the faucet back together and flushed water through it without the aerator and had no black flakes. When I put the aerator back on, the flakes were back even worse. I replaced the