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Eco-friendly floor staining can transform cracks lines from dark to light. Our clients love this floor effect. Do you?

Stained Floors 3 days ago
This shows multiple applications of Translucent Brown professional staining material. 2 coats of sealer and 3 coats of wax.

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  • Amazing Improvements and Garages

    @ Leah, yes it does, but I would use a different sealer designed for exterior environments. @ Baby, give us a call!, @ everyone else... thx for the love!

  • Kateri Holmes
    Kateri Holmes Red Lodge, MT

    Does this method require that the concrete be acid etched first? My basement originally had a glue down carpet, then water damage, then replaced with carpet and underlay. I would like to use a concrete cutter to remove any residual from the glue down

    • Rosebuds

      yes and hire a good company
      to do it

  • Deedra Ward
    Deedra Ward Mc David, FL

    So what materials do you use?

  • Sandy Hartnett
    Sandy Hartnett Philadelphia, PA

    Wow, this is beautiful! Hugs

  • Keemee
    Keemee Franklin, LA

    Love love love this floor!!!!