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Bright Home Improvement Ideas

Simple entry idea.
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  • Ana M Alpharetta, GA
    Love this! What wall color is that? I love it!
  • HomeProHub San Jose, CA
    I'm gathering these ideas so we can further help our clients with new design services so I thought I would share. More info on this here...... http://jennasuedesign.blogspot.com/2011/02/s...
  • Home Pro, get a Pinterest account for idea gathering, it is really neat and you can have all your inspirations in one place. Pinterest.com
  • HomeProHub San Jose, CA
    Hi Yamini.....I actually have a Pinterest account but I don't like it very much. No sense of community. I have a personal account and an account for my other business on Pinterest but for home improvement discussions and sharing Hometalk is the best. I
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