Hand painted floor cloth . . . on a budget.

Floors 06.24.15
At The Next Cool Event, one of the exhibits was a design inspired by "I Dream of Jeannie". The idea was to create a floor that appeared to be custom tile. . . on a budget. Instead, we used the back side of a piece of linoleum vinyl flooring that we got as a remnant. My first custom floor cloth project was done this way almost 15 years ago. With quality products, they last for years.
  • The painted vinyl was set in place and easily cut to the exact size in the shape that we needed.
  • The back side of the vinyl was primed and base coated. The image of the design was projected on to the surface and traced with chalk.
  • It was laid out on the floor where the design was painted starting from the inside and working outward.
  • . . . and painted . . . and painted!
  • Top coats were applied. It was allowed to dry before rolling for transport.
WallsTreat Studio/ Kass Wilson

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