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Armstrong Exquisite Vinyl Plank Flooring- Good, Bad, Ugly?

Anyone have experience with this type of product? We are trying to cover about 2100 square feet of a botched sheet vinyl installation in an open area of a church. Wondering about the durability and slickness of this product. I know laminate is slick when wet. I'm assuming since this is an LVT it won't be as slippery. I'm also concerned about buckling over time since it is a wide open area. See floorplan attached - hatched area will be replaced with this product.
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  • Bonnie Martin Sorensen

    I know that vinyl wood-look planks are being used in high traffic areas in such places as big box stores, and hospitals. I have them in my kitchen and LOVE them.. easy to clean, look beautiful ( a friend had to touch them to make sure it wasn't wood)

  • Darla
    Darla Montgomery Village, MD

    I think the vinyl planks would be a good choice, but get the snap-together kind instead of the ones with adhesive. I've heard that sometimes there are problems with the adhesive ones peeling up, and I haven't had that with the snap-together kind,

  • Tommi L. Perkins
    Tommi L. Perkins Fayetteville, AR

    Are you planning on trying to put them down OVER poorly laid vinyl sheet flooring? I would recommend taking that up and cleaning the glue off the floor. I use the lock in place planks in my rental properties. I think that as long as you don't flood

  • Bonnie Martin Sorensen

    I have it in large area.. LOVE IT. no problems in 3 years. My son tells me that the hospital in which he works used vinyl planks in all rooms and hallways.. they love it.. it's durable, not slippery, cleans up easily.. and LOOKS GREAT. I've

  • Wowhavs
    Wowhavs Westcliffe, CO

    I've used TrafficMaster Allure with the sticky strips, but it does not hold up under intense Southern exposure. If you ask for info on temps it can handle, the information will tell you this. The store clerks, not so much. HOWEVER, TrafficMaster