Spring is coming - can't wait to hit my hammock in my own Backyard Beach!

Just wanted to share my own little patch of paradise I made after I cut down a huge evergreen tree! I left up the stump about 6 feet tall because I always wanted a hammock. The problem was the nine foot area of lawn under the tree had died and was full of yuck. So I cleaned out the space, laid heavy plastic down, added a tiki-esque log border and added a LOT of sand. I wheeled it in a lawn spreader - much more manageable than a huge wheelbarrow. Added a thatch umbrella with u brackets drilled into the tree and a hammock. LOVE IT. I know - everyone yells at me about wild cats and animals but who cares - I rake the sand and have never found anything like that. I enjoy reading with my toes in the sand! Fins Up!

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  • Donna B
    Donna B Saint Peters, MO
    I just love it and have a spot next to my (under the deck) renovation (see on pinterest) and will take a run with your idea in that area - bought 2 children plastic beach chairs - unbrella - sandbucket - sand - (have lots of sea shells from vacations -
  • Donna B
    Donna B Saint Peters, MO
    The space I am (borrowing) this idea for is small that so I am doing it more as a visual and using child size beach chairs and small light up palm tree / small umbrella etc.
  • Judy4justice
    Judy4justice Pleasant Grove, AL
    I like it a lot!!
  • Elaine Postley
    Elaine Postley Mill Neck, NY
    Good for you!
  • Renata
    Renata Hermiston, OR
    I'm with Kate, LOVE IT?
Tracy W