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DIY Baking Soda Underarm Deodorant (!)

I wanted to talk about another use for baking soda: deodorant. I have tested natural and DIY deodorants for years, and almost none of them work. HOWEVER: I found one that works, and it is the simplest of all. The most effective deodorant out there is plain baking soda. Apply baking soda under your arms after bathing. You can even apply it after *not* bathing, because it is so effective that it actually destroys body odor. No perfumes, no harmful chemicals, jut good old baking soda. I have been using it for about a year, and every time I go back to regular deodorant, I notice that I smell *less* when I am using baking soda. You can apply it with a powder puff, a Kabuki brush, or a crumpled piece of toilet paper. I keep mine in a little Tupperware box with a lid, right on my dresser. It really is the best, and you will never have to buy deodorant again once you try it. Some folks mix baking soda with coconut oil, and they say it works really well, but I like to keep things simple. It's especially simple when you buy bulk bags of baking soda at a club store...you'll never run out of deodorant again.
Time: 1 Minute Difficulty: Easy
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Chaya K

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