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Corner Cabinet Planter

A while back my friend gave me her cabinet doors from her old kitchen when she remodeled it! It was soooo excited, I mean...the possibilities! One cabinet door really piqued my interest, the corner lazy susan door. I loved the shape and started toying with ideas of how to use it. I finally decided on making it into a corner cabinet planter for my front porch and I couldn't be happier with it!
Here is the before. You could easily attach two cabinet doors together to recreate this if you don't have a corner cabinet door. :)
I started by cutting some scrap wood for making three shelves. I also used scrap 1x4's for the fronts, to make faux looking drawers. I wanted them to match my Old Drawers into Porch Planters :, which actually were the inspiration for this project.
After drilling pocket holes into the shelf bottoms and attaching the fronts with glue and nails, I was ready to paint! I spray painted the cabinet door and shelves with the same green I used on my old drawer planters (see above). Then I did my best to match the drawer fronts with some teal and green teal paint.
To install the shelves I used pocket hole screws and nails. I also made sure there were holes or slits for water drainage.
After adding some funky legs for height, I was ready to plant!!
They were the perfect addition to my lonely porch corner! For a full picture tutorial check out my blog post.
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