eek- signs of mice in the garage, anyone used Fresh Cab product?

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  • Su T Elk Grove, CA
    Dianna - www.earthkind.com is what i found in google and i think you can order there or amazon and other places. Haven't checked to see who has the lowest price yet
  • KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    I agree with Kate...the old fashioned spring traps are better in that they provide a quick death when used properly...the glue traps results in a slower death generally.....with our live traps I had to check them once or twice a day...most people do not
  • Patsy D Andrews, TX
    The best I've found that works is sticky pads. Traps sometime. But their smart & traps not always works.I've had them eat the food & never set off traps. Mouse multiple like roaches. Catch them early. Otherwise they leave a terrible smell & into
  • Patsy D Andrews, TX
    I will try Fresh Cab this year. Sound great & simple. I tryed using mint tea bags cause they hate the smell. But I'm allergic to mint & after a while headackes got to me. We have fields all around us & they where looking for shelder / water & our dogs
  • Becky Bismarck, ND
    I use Fresh Cab in my garage and in my camper and it works great! I hated killing mice and was worried about disease and other options since I have pets & kids. Fresh Cab works great and I don't have to worry about my family's safety. www.earth-kind.com
  • Earth-Kind Bismarck, ND
    Su, have you started using Fresh Cab yet? It sounds like it will work very well in your situation. Please contact us if you have any questions on use. Also you can visit our website to find it in a store near you. Best of Luck!
  • Su T Elk Grove, CA
    Earth Kind - I will definitely order some and give it a try. My thought is to try Fresh Cab along with my continued pest control for a one-two punch! Will definitely post my results!
  • Earth-Kind Bismarck, ND
    Excellent, 1 word of advice: you will most likely still catch mice if you are using a baiting trap along with Fresh Cab. If the rodent is hungry enough, they will tolerate the smell of the Fresh Cab long enough to get to the food. In the process, getting
  • Su T Elk Grove, CA
    Earth-Kind - makes sense - and I had thought that was the answer. The suggestion from the pest control company (comes every other month) was that if I didn't use the bait/poison, that I might find them coming into the house (which I have not had that
  • We found Fresh Cab at Menards, I think it was around $12 per box of 4 pouches.
  • Su T Elk Grove, CA
    ordered a 3 months supply on line and will try Fresh Cab along with resealing the garage doors - crossing fingers!
  • Cindy V Theodore, AL
    Sew a walnut or pecan to the mousetrap (where you would but the bait). Gets even the smartest of mice
  • Su T Elk Grove, CA
    thanks Cindy V - I've purchased the Fresh Cab, but want to give a thorough cleaning of the garage and seal up the garage as best as possible - hopefully when I have time this spring. crossing fingers.
  • Therese C Greenfield, IA
    A simple solution to rid any kind of animal and most bugs from a garage is to place moth balls in various areas. They really don't like the smell and tend to stay away.
  • Priscilla E Mount Vernon, IN
    Exactly what do these nuts do to the mousetrap.