eek- signs of mice in the garage, anyone used Fresh Cab product?

  • Su T
    Su T Elk Grove, CA
    ordered a 3 months supply on line and will try Fresh Cab along with resealing the garage doors - crossing fingers!
  • Cindy V
    Cindy V Theodore, AL
    Sew a walnut or pecan to the mousetrap (where you would but the bait). Gets even the smartest of mice
  • Su T
    Su T Elk Grove, CA
    thanks Cindy V - I've purchased the Fresh Cab, but want to give a thorough cleaning of the garage and seal up the garage as best as possible - hopefully when I have time this spring. crossing fingers.
  • Therese C
    Therese C Greenfield, IA
    A simple solution to rid any kind of animal and most bugs from a garage is to place moth balls in various areas. They really don't like the smell and tend to stay away.
  • Priscilla E
    Priscilla E Mount Vernon, IN
    Exactly what do these nuts do to the mousetrap.
Su T