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Thinking Outside Of Little Boxes: Unique Home Decor Styles

Nowhere is this more true than in home design and decor. Unique interior design and home decor styles breathe originality into the life of the home, an indisputable reflection of individuality. We can all be alike, but where's the fun and individuality in that? Designing and decorating with accessories that define your personality and remind you of fond memories and good times makes your house your home.
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  • Darleen L~ Places In The Home

    It is a strong and truthful statement, Lory. Unique works!

  • Lory
    Lory Winter Haven, FL

    I am all for unique, WHO"S WITH ME! Have a great day Darleen.

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I New York, NY

    I enjoy seeing different styles, and have great respect and admiration for creativity--in any form. This is something I've never seen before; thank you for sharing!

  • Pat Cobb
    Pat Cobb Gibsonville, NC

    It's not my style, however I love it, I just don't think I would have the guts to try it, How in the world did you ever come up with ideal? Keep sharing those pictures. Thanks.

  • Glamistahome
    Glamistahome Reston, VA

    I love this, a unique take on home decor is so important. Sometime I look through the pictures on Pinterest and it seems like everyone lives in the same home. :) I really love the old building with that beautiful bed. What a treat! Thank you for

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