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How to Make an Old Couch New Again for $10

I may have mentioned a few - or a million - times how much I love my living room couch. Well, after two years of lovin', my beloved couch was starting to show some wear. The notorious mystery spots were starting to appear and some wrinkles and sags were forming in the cushions. Time to start Mission: Couch Rejuvenation ...
  • how to make an old couch new again for 10, painted furniture

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  • Mamabear318

    Good luck with the dog ....my philosophy for people who visit is "if you don't want dog hair on your clothes, STAY HOME" lol

    • Vannessa
      Vannessa Bessemer, AL

      That's right my Fur Baby Rules this House! LOL!!!

  • Lorlq
    Lorlq Wickliffe, OH

    Sure fit makes a quilted pet throw for furniture and I bet with some skills this could be home made the hair doesn't stick to it . just a suggestion .Love the re do BTW Looks great

  • Think2inkme
    Think2inkme Glendale, AZ

    Great job on the sofa ! I would try it but when you have a 185 pound love muffin with four legs he is not easy to move off the sofa or anything else . lol !

  • Staciesellshomes

    Nice job! And cute dog!

  • Chilly661
    Chilly661 Yakima, WA

    Nice job! Your results are really good. FYI: edit your caption to read "resew" not resow. Otherwise, very nice.

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