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How do you get rid of ants in the dishwasher?

  • THelp
    THelp Suwanee, GA

    I don't know. They are small little ants. I have heard them being referred to as sugar ants before. Odd because they are not anywhere else in the house. (or at least that I am aware of)

  • TaCora Design
    TaCora Design Smyrna, GA

    try using Borax or Terro brand sugar ant baits. Once you do that you can control the infestation by wiping down kitchen counter topsand mop your kitchen floor with bleach. Sugar aunts love scraps

  • M.L.Schwartz Construction, Inc.
    M.L.Schwartz... Alpharetta, GA

    Believe it or not WINDEX works great on killing ants on the spot and it kills the chemical trial they use to follow each other. Now doing something to keep them from getting in is another issue.

  • Brent B
    Brent B Woodstock, GA

    I would try the vinegar as James suggested. I'm finding that you can pour vinegar on just about anything to make it better!

  • Hudson Designs
    Hudson Designs Loganville, GA

    Ant's tend to walk along the top of pipes upside down. Also the can link together and cross water. I have seen this many times.
    The problem may be the drain its self can you see where it go's?
    Do you use the dishwasher daily? If the trap in the