Jasper or Agate?

I found this rock in my backyard tonight. Not sure if it is Jasper or Agate. Anyone know? It weighs almost 4 lbs and is bigger than the palm of my hand. If it is agate or jasper is it worth anything and is it worth having it cut somewhere? Thanks for your help!
  • Debra Peters
    Debra Peters Mesa, AZ
    I would take it to a local rock shop - they should be able to tell you. Neat rock - what ever it is!!
  • Jason Destiny
    Jason Destiny El Cerrito, CA
    It sure looks like agate/jasper (not sure which is which)
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    We have a great local rock shop here in my town.


  • La Kn
    La Kn Garland, TX
    My money's on agate
  • William Greene
    William Greene Bruce Crossing, MI
    Looks like Agate to me. get someone with a large tile saw to cut it in half that ia how I find out. if looks good than cut into cabs for jewelry
  • Pajunka
    Pajunka Beverly Hills, CA
    It looks like petrified wood or (pardon me) poop ;)
  • Janet Toal
    Janet Toal Oakfield, NY
    I would guess that where you live it is an Lake Superior agate, I would most definitely have it looked at and if it is, yes it could be worth money. Most agates from that region are red... but can be a rainbow of colors... look for more where you found
  • Sharry Speaks Closter
    Sharry Speaks Closter Winchester, CA
    Looks like Jasper
  • Laura O
    Laura O Interlochen, MI
    Definitely take it to a rock shop. If it is indeed an agate, that baby is worth BIG BUCKS!!! Good luck. It is beautiful.
  • Phyllis W
    Phyllis W Saint Pauls, NC
    It looks to be something petrifies to me. Let us know what you find out.
  • Linda E
    Linda E Huntington, TX
    Have you found out what the rock was yet?
  • Emma Dorsey
    Emma Dorsey Gainesville, GA
    Cut into it and see what the inside looks like Then you will have a better idea.
  • Trashy Treasures
    Trashy Treasures Beaverton, OR
    It looks like a petrified heart. I think it might belong to an ex of mine :)
  • KMS Woodworks
    KMS Woodworks Nederland, CO
    SerenityandLaughter ...ouch...your ex's heart, or my ex's Liver...
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