Best time of day or weather to spray weed control like Round up or Weed B Gon.

I remember someone mentioning there was a better time to spray so that the green leaves absorb the liquid but I cannot seem to find it in the archives.
  • Margy M
    Margy M Manchester, KY
    I am going to try vinegar tomorrow, I have brown and white. May use both!
  • Darryl D
    Darryl D Jonesboro, GA
    The "natural" alternative suggestions are making me want to gag.
  • Brenda A
    Brenda A Aiken, SC
    Post from Pinterest- 34 oz. spray bottle-1/2 c. salt, squirt of dishwashing liquid,fill up the balance of bottle with PICKLING vinegar.SHAKE SHAKE Shake. KIlls weeds, but also grass and other vegetation. So best to use in areas that you want to eliminate
  • Terrry S
    Terrry S Central Point, OR
    Kevin, looks like you are a lawyer so you may appreciate hearing that the law requires you to read the label and the label tells you the conditions under which you should spray. I'm not trying to be the weed control police or anything and of course we
  • Angela K
    Angela K Aledo, TX
    @Brenda,if I want to use in grassy areas or in beds, what should I use?
  • Betty Brady
    Betty Brady Richland, WA
    I would not use Round-up. Toxic to everything, including humans. Going green, like using vinegar is better for you and the environment.
  • Brenda A
    Brenda A Aiken, SC
    @Angela K- BAD NEWS...Your Hands ! I put a book on cd and sit down and commune with nature ! LOL It is a pain but when done thoroughly at the beginning of the season, that takes care of it, for the most part. I always wait and put down my new mulch
  • Barbara R
    Barbara R Bryan, TX
    You can use the 5% or 9% white pickling vinegar found on grocery store shelves. It will probably be plant based. You can also find 20% strength which will probably be petroleum based but is still better to use than Round Up. Add 2 ounces (4
  • Margy M
    Margy M Manchester, KY
    I used a bottle each of white and brown vinegar in a garden sprayer yesterday. It was in the 80's here, and within two hours the weeds were turning yellow. Haven't looked yet this morning. So far so good though.
  • Margy M
    Margy M Manchester, KY
    Well, the vinegar doesn't kill my tough hillbilly weeds, folks! It stunts their growth a few days but then they come back stronger than ever!
  • Candy J
    Candy J Erwin, TN
    How would it work on my mulch? Now I have dang grass and weeds growing thru my mulch.
    Don't plants have different biochemical processes during different times of the day, though? Wouldn't that affect how RoundUp works?
  • Cynthia
    Cynthia Dawsonville, GA
    Spray only when it's full sun and not due to rain within 24 hrs. Roundup works fast. Be careful when spraying close to shrubs and flowers. Always best to just pull those.
  • Dale B
    Dale B Tyler, TX
    I have tried the vinegar solutions and have had limited results. If you are killing tough weeds especially some that tend to be woody or have a waxy coat on the leaves, Roundup brings good results. It is impractical to try to use home remedies when you
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