All About Tomatoes - Growing, Eating and Canning!

Garden 01.22.15
Today's post is dedicated to our most beloved fruit- The Tomato! Yes, scientifically speaking, the tomato is a fruit, although we like so many others consider it a vegetable too :). No matter what you call them, tomatoes are delicious, nutritious and have thousands of uses fresh, frozen and canned - making them the perfect plant to grow in the garden!

Tomatoes are truly the most important crop we grow. Not just because we love to eat them - but because they are also the main ingredient in many of the canning jars we fill our pantry with each year from the garden. Salsa, pasta and pizza sauce, tomato juice, ketchup and sun-dried tomatoes are all canned each year from our tomato crop - providing us year round with great tasting food from the garden.

So what are some great varieties to grow? And what types do best for roasting, canning or eating fresh? Well, here is a little info to help you through tomato land:

Heirloom Varieties: The Perfect Fresh Tomato

There is a big push on today for heirloom tomatoes - and for good reason - they have amazing flavor, taste and texture. In general,

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  • Peggy M
    Peggy M Lithia Springs, GA
    You can grow Campari from another Campari. Just remove the seede let them dry out and plant. I have done this and it works great.
  • Karen E
    Karen E Schenectady, NY
    living in the northeast the weather is not always that good when comes to having constant sun here it is may 25th and on our 2nd day of constant rain not so good when the garden needs sun to help it along
  • Gerry H
    Gerry H Shamong, NJ
    Karen...I live in New Jersey and we are known for our wonderful 'Jersey Tomatoes'. The sun will come out Soon you will be begging for some relief from the sun.. I do hope you aren't in the upper regions of NY State tho. They are having
  • Heidi G
    Heidi G Southworth, WA
    Not enough sun or good weather? Maybe try a greenhouse? We have short seasons here in the Northwest.
  • Diane H
    Diane H Cumming, GA
    Tried canning AGAIN and finally got a fine batch of tomatoes canned and they were delicious in soups and sauces throughtout the winter.
  • Desiree Brooker
    Desiree Brooker Danielson, CT
    I learned some canning time tips from a wonderful woman in VT. You put your tomatoes on a cookie sheet and drizzle them with olive oil. Place some herbs like basil, oregano, and thyme on top and roast them until the skins start to char. You can either
  • Jan
    Jan South Bend, IN
    Last year, I tried making tomato soup for the first time. It was delicious!!! I still have some in the freezer, but I better get busy eating it to make room for this year's crop!
  • Barb M.
    Barb M. Pittsburgh, PA
    I am going to plant my tomato's in containers. Has anyone tried this. What results did you get?
  • Christy B
    Christy B Santa Barbara, CA
    I will soon be living in Costa Rica and I am going to grow tomatoes. I can't wait! From what I hear, you can grow them year round!! I plan on making tomatoes a staple!
  • Christy B
    Christy B Santa Barbara, CA
    And if any of you knowledgeable folks have suggestions as to the best kind to grow there... feel free to comment!!!
  • Heidi G
    Heidi G Southworth, WA
    Barb B, I put a few in containers. Cherry tomatoes do wonderful. Make sure you get the determinate I think it is since they seem to do better in the containers.
  • Lori P
    Had the first of the "Jersey tomatoes" last night with fresh basil, a bit of oregano and olive oil - A feast!
  • Ute Osborne
    Ute Osborne Corpus Christi, TX
    i am growing big beef tomatoes just now getting flowers on them how exciting !!i love to garden !!
  • Meg Wylie
    Meg Wylie Veradale, WA
    Barb M I am in the Northwest and grow all of my tomato plants in containers, mostly half black 55 gallon drums! A local Barrel Company sells the black plastic barrels cut in half I put crushed aluminum cans in the bottom fill half with potting soil and
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