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REALLY Killing Weeds With Vinegar

garden 01.13.15
For more details on this process, please visit the blog post below.

Lately, I've been seeing Pinterest boards and blogs with tutorials on how to make a vinegar weed killer. Friends, I'm here to tell you that their information is faulty and their vinegar weed killer will not work.

Most of the blogs that show vinegar weed killer recipes, show household vinegar with 5% acidity.

This.Will.NOT.Work. I repeat, This.Will.NOT.Work.

You need a vinegar that has AT LEAST 10% acidity PLUS a horticultural citrus oil. There is some controversy within the organic gardening community regarding vinegar strength. Very respected gardeners say that 10% acidity mixed with citrus oil will kill weeds.

For at least 10 years I have been using a 20% vinegar for my weed control. I have not tried 10% vinegar ~ but I trust the gardeners who say it will work. Many of them are diluting their 20% vinegar by cutting it in half and adding water. Doing this will give you two gallons of 10% vinegar.

To see more: http://www.seasonedhomemaker.com/2013/05/a-vinegar-weed-killer.html

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  • Bonnie
    Bonnie Bennettsville, SC
    Weeds begin to wither shortly after spraying. We have a lot of property to maintain and use it in lieu of well-known weed killers. It does the job perfectly! Just remember to only spray in areas away from flowers and trees, etc. You only want to
  • Nicole Ledwon
    Nicole Ledwon Birmingham, AL
    I used 1 gallon each straight vinegar to get rid of 2 plants that have been the bain of my existence, and after a day or 2 of pouring it straight on them, I am happy to say they are on their way out!!
  • Grandycakes
    Grandycakes Ocean City, NJ
    Sounds to me like some manufacturers want us to believe that it is necessary to use a vinegar w/ a higher percentage of acidity, so that we will buy it as a specialty product, instead of what we have always used with great success.. P.S. I'll bet that
  • Lisa M
    Lisa M Concord, CA
    I just pull out the weed and fill the hole with straight white vinegar. The weed is history, the vinegar kills the root offshoots that had broke off when i pulled the weed so it will NEVER come back and is environmentally safe. What a win-win.!!!
  • Linda Koberstein
    Linda Koberstein Painesville, OH
    Works for me ever time. No need for expensive vinegar.
  • Grammacox1955
    My grandmother, my mom and I have done this with grocery store vinegar for decades and it works and saves money. I do use a little Lemon, Joy in the mixture for sticking to leaves.
  • Angela C
    One of the keys to SUCCESSFULLY dealing with weeds is to catch them while they are quite young. It does not matter if you are pulling, cultivating, or spraying - the earlier the better. If you let an area get choked with weeds, not matter what you do it
  • Jean
    Jean Hatboro, PA
    Boiling water works too for the walk. It gets all my water from boiling corn on the cob. I kill a few weeds each night
    • Shelley
      Shelley Beaumont, TX
      Jean Plus you are putting back nutrients that seeped from the corn.
  • Robin Henning-Urbanek
    I would not use this mixture around my veggies or flowers, I pull or use a physical barrier. I live on a farm and have gravel/dirt driveway, no soil to worry about. But yes it might not be good for the soil. And for those who would rather use Round-Up r
  • Julie Dever
    Julie Dever Columbia, SC
    Used the straight1 gallon of white vinegar from Walmart with a tbsp of some dish soap. It took two applications a few days apart, but it killed the weeds in the aisles around my square foot garden boxes. That was in May. It is August and a few have
  • Jack Hammons
    Jack Hammons Pawnee, OK
    Does the vinegar only kill the weeds? I ran across this post and it is new to me. I have spent countless dollars trying to kill different kind of weeds, and year after year no progress. A little input please. Also would love suggestions on getting rid of
  • The Seasoned Homemaker
    The recipe will kill plants as wells as weeds so caution is urged.
  • Angela C
    I have to bring this up.......excessive weeds are often a sign that the soil is not healthy. Everyone has a few weeds, but healthy soil that is properly mulched has far fewer weeds, and better plants. Get off of synthetic supplements, use compost (you
    • Catherine Smith
      Catherine Smith Fredericksburg, VA
      Angela C Excellent advice. And do get a soil test done before you add amendments! All states have an extension service that can give you a soil testing kit for free. The kits come
  • Grace Barella
    I use vinegar (5%) and salt and Dawn, IT DOES WORK!
  • Joan Dingeldein Caughlin
    Joan Dingeldein Caughlin Kansas City, MO
    Straight salt also works.
The Seasoned Homemaker

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