REALLY Killing Weeds With Vinegar

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Lately, I've been seeing Pinterest boards and blogs with tutorials on how to make a vinegar weed killer. Friends, I'm here to tell you that their information is faulty and their vinegar weed killer will not work.

Most of the blogs that show vinegar weed killer recipes, show household vinegar with 5% acidity.

This.Will.NOT.Work. I repeat, This.Will.NOT.Work.

You need a vinegar that has AT LEAST 10% acidity PLUS a horticultural citrus oil. There is some controversy within the organic gardening community regarding vinegar strength. Very respected gardeners say that 10% acidity mixed with citrus oil will kill weeds.

For at least 10 years I have been using a 20% vinegar for my weed control. I have not tried 10% vinegar ~ but I trust the gardeners who say it will work. Many of them are diluting their 20% vinegar by cutting it in half and adding water. Doing this will give you two gallons of 10% vinegar.

  • Household vinegar will NOT kill weeds. Read how to REALLY kill weeds with vinegar.
  • You need at least a 10-20% vinegar plus horticultural orange oil (or other citrus oil)
  • You need to apply it with a spray bottle when the sun is bright, the ground is dry, and the temperature is above 70-degrees.
  • This type of sprayer will tackle larger jobs.
  • There are a few companies that have pre-mixed the strong vinegar solution with a citrus oil.

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  • Georgie Borchardt
    Georgie Borchardt Lincoln, IL
    I use whatever type of vinegar happens to be available or on sale and mix about 2 cups with a couple tablespoonfuls of salt and a couple "squirts" of dish washing liquid. Works beautifully -- and I don't "spray" the plants. I POUR the mixture over the
  • Norma Jean
    Norma Jean Cottontown, TN
    I have been using kitchen grade cider vinegar, Dawn, and salt for the last two years with amazing results!
  • Linda G
    Linda G Astoria, OR
    I have been using house vinegar and 7th Generation dish washing soap for years and had nothing but success. Wiped out the moss on my sister patio in 1 hr.
  • Joanie J
    Joanie J Eau Claire, WI
    I also am wondering where to get 20%? I will try the regular cause I already bought it,but I will also try the 20% if I can find it. How long before I can replant some things in the spots that I sprayed?
  • Barbara Brooks
    Barbara Brooks Quinlan, TX
    What about using it on poison ivy or oak? Has anyone tried and had any success?
  • George R. L
    Where does one get the 20% vinegar in Ontario Canada?
  • Betty Shughrue
    Betty Shughrue Boerne, TX
    I've used Apple Cider vinegar, salt & Dawn soap and it works like a charm. Got it on Pinterest.
  • GranArt
    GranArt Granbury, TX
    I have applied the household vinegar to the weeds under my carport many times and nothing dies. I planned this weekend to go for something stronger.
  • Erika W
    Erika W Richmond, VA
    Household vinegar works for me in the dead heat of summer but not at other times here in central Virginia
  • Connie Moon
    Connie Moon Munford, TN
    I found a recipe that worked great on the weeds around our parking lot and sidewalk. 1/2 gal cider vinegar and cup of sale and a tbsp. of liquid dish detergent. Mix and put in a spray bottle. I was shocked that within two hours the weeds and grass were
  • The Seasoned Homemaker
    Thank you for all of your comments. Sharing is how we learn. I have tried all of the household vinegar recipes and they do nothing to my hill country weeds. And, I don't know a serious gardener who has had any luck with it, either. The weeds pop back up
  • Jeanette freeze
    Jeanette freeze Purdy, MO
    it work;s 10% i have used it several spots awesome for sure
  • Jody Gervel
    Jody Gervel Harrisburg, PA
    I just cleaned up the dead, dry, shriveled up weeds that I had applied straight white vinegar to last week.. I had poured it on them and saw an almost immediate reaction. I really love it because I can get rid of the weeds and be "GREEN" about it!
  • Charity Giles
    Charity Giles Boiling Springs, PA
    This is not true, I use regular apple cider vinegar 1 gal,

    usually store brand, 1/2 cup table salt and 1 teasp of dawn dish soap and it works like a

  • Cindy Johnstone
    the vinegar salt and dish soap recipe is reeking havoc on the weeds at my place, regular vinegar.
The Seasoned Homemaker