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  • Kathleen
    Kathleen Chattanooga, TN
    I'm sorry, I thought you were supposed to toss everything loose in a big drawer and spend at least one day hunting for something. :)
  • Dermot McGingty
    Dermot McGingty United Kingdom
    Stop being cheeky Kathleen ;) seriously though these are tubs sauce comes in from a takeaway, theres recycling and then theres this
  • Kim Brotzman
    Kim Brotzman Putnam, CT
    I own a restaurant and use these at home to organize my millions of beads and parts! They work great for stacking similar beads ( no lids) then if I have a design I want to take on the road I just pop the lids on and they travel great!
  • Dermot McGingty
    Dermot McGingty United Kingdom
    ......... yawn
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