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Our penny kitchen floor.

31,140 pennies, some grout, and a little sealant later, and we have a pretty cool kitchen floor. :) The pennies are all heads up, facing the same direction.
  • Violet
    Violet Carthage, MO

    I love the floors! Can you explain exactly how you did this? I'm a single mom and would love this in my kitchen. you can email
    me at tomahna.girl.777@gmail.com

  • Violet
    Violet Carthage, MO

    Never mind. I found how.

  • Tegma
    Tegma Lake City, PA

    Wow! That is a ton of work, and a whole year to complete it? Now, that's patience! I think you did a wonderful job! As for the comment on the cabinets, a gallon of paint would make a huge difference. I'm like you tho', I live on Soc. Sec. and have to

  • Mary
    Mary Dayton, TX

    Can you put the items needed and the process in detail.

  • Kristin Topping
    Kristin Topping Aliso Viejo, CA

    I love your Kitchen floor while I was viewing your article. Kitchen flooring can add both beauty and value to your home. Thank you for your advice. I will definitely research that product. It looks great. You have a lot more patience than the average

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