Our penny kitchen floor.

31,140 pennies, some grout, and a little sealant later, and we have a pretty cool kitchen floor. :) The pennies are all heads up, facing the same direction.
  • Amanda E
    Amanda E Cape Elizabeth, ME
    Thanks all for the nice comments! If you want more information, or a small tutorial, you can head here to my website:


  • Ellen Whitehead
    Ellen Whitehead Mancelona, MI
    I like the floor, but I LOVE the white birch mosaic on the side of the island!!
  • Nancy Hatcher
    Nancy Hatcher Republic, MO
    What a great kitchen! I love all the mosaics you've done!
  • Rita Bishop
    Rita Bishop Somerset, KY
    I'm actually considering this as a floor for my (rather small) kitchen. I don't like (cold, hard) ceramic; don't want wood or laminate in the kitchen; carpet definitely a no-go; can't find a vinyl I like. This is so unique and versatile. How well does it
  • Lori T
    is that hard to clean?
  • Lori T
    I love the mosaic on your island also.
  • Amanda E
    Amanda E Cape Elizabeth, ME
    Thanks you Lori, Nancy, Rita, & Ellen! :)

    It's not hard to clean. After adhering the pennies, I grouted the floor... which filled in all the gaps. Then, I applied a

  • Woodpop
    Oooh - that's the most inventive thing I've ever seen for a floor. Am desperate to try it in our bathroom. Is there a technicque for the grouting ?
  • Leroy Barton
    Leroy Barton Indianapolis, IN
    does anyone care that the cabinets are hideous? Plus, even with the nice floor and pretty artwork, what is going on with all the different backsplash and counter tops?
    • Katrina Hultgren
      Katrina Hultgren Rocky Mount, NC
      I would rather have a mismatched backsplash that is reminiscent of my grandfather/father-in-law with all the memories, than a "masterpiece" in someone else's eyes. Really.. if it is so abhorrent to your eyes then please feel free to vacate.
  • Cher D
    Cher D Elyria, OH
    how many sq feet is your kitchen floor...love this
  • Crystal Lamb
    Crystal Lamb Mexia, TX
    Yes, square footage, Please...Its great!
  • Violet
    Violet Carthage, MO
    I love the floors! Can you explain exactly how you did this? I'm a single mom and would love this in my kitchen. you can email

    me at tomahna.girl.777@gmail.com

  • Violet
    Violet Carthage, MO
    Never mind. I found how.
  • Patricia Morse
    Patricia Morse Lake City, PA
    Wow! That is a ton of work, and a whole year to complete it? Now, that's patience! I think you did a wonderful job! As for the comment on the cabinets, a gallon of paint would make a huge difference. I'm like you tho', I live on Soc. Sec. and have to do
  • Mary
    Mary Dayton, TX
    Can you put the items needed and the process in detail.
Amanda E