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RV Organizing and Camping Hacks

It all began innocently enough...borrowed an RV for a vacation that was "different" than we had before, and turned into our absolute love for RVing! So, maybe you don't own an RV or have never had any kind of interesting "glamping" desire, but keep with me here. I have come up with some small space - like an RV, too - organizing and storage hacks from our brief six months of owning our own RV. I think that these will definitely help you think outside the box. And, if you have a friend who RVs or you are thinking about it in the future, pin this post and pass it on! Here are my hacks for getting the most use of a small space in your {home or} RV.
Back of the door
Tuck tension rod under valance
Click on the link below to see LOTS more GREAT hacks for your RV or small space

To see more: http://organizingmadefun.blogspot.com/2015/06/rv-organizing-and-storage-hacks-small.html

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