• WallsTreat Studio/ Kass Wilson
    What a cool house.
  • David S
    David S Hot Springs, SD
    This house has lots of windows which is good! but it wouldnt survive in the Black Hills of South Dakota
  • Helen M
    Helen M Indianapolis, IN
    I think the design is gorgeous. Not crazy about the decor, though.
  • Irma K
    Irma K Windom, MN
    Beautiful home, lots of sunshine coming in. Wondering how it would be to clen all the windows. Not everyone hires that out.
  • Ruth O
    Ruth O Suwanee, GA
    All I can think of is that with no fabric window or wall coverings, hard floors in the main living space, and everything open, what a loud house it must be to live in. Give me more warm fabrics to soak up all those echos.
  • Murals by Monti
    Murals by Monti Oceanside, CA
    All I can say is gorgeous!! I love every inch of this place. It's has such a relaxing, umcomplicated feel to it. Good job!!
  • Kris S
    Kris S Minneapolis, MN
    Design is nice, but the decor is sterile and cold. All the colors are cold. The only room that has some warmth is the bathroom, and that is just the color of the tile in the shower area. Someone else mentioned that it would be loud...I would agree,
  • Marg C
    Marg C Middletown, NY
    awsome clean home. No curtains necessary as nature shines in. I want one!
  • Nancy L
    Nancy L Colorado Springs, CO
    Not for me. I find it cold; sterile. I'm a 'cozy' person. Like the large windows and lots of light, tho.
  • Lynda B
    Lynda B South Lake Tahoe, CA
    I agree with Kris S (MSP). as to the choice of cool colors throughout the home blue, gray, black. are cold colors for a cold Seattle climate, with many gray days and rain. The only saving grace is the use of natural wood. the architecture is stunning as
  • Kathy D
    Kathy D Salem, OR
    Love the window walls, but I wonder if it feels cold in the gloomy Seattle rain!
  • Ellie W
    Ellie W Zebulon, NC
    LOVE this home, only draw back I can see is I like my bedroom dark, I would have to have some way to cover the windows at night so I could sleep.
  • Debbie
    Debbie Saginaw, MI
    home is nice but Don' t seem very homey or warm feeling