Small mostly freebie backyard deck

DIY Furniture 6 days ago
This is a small deck I made a few years ago at another trailer we lived in, made from pallets, oversea shipping crates, yard sale stain and polyurethane, junked decorations and tree and railing and garden ties. In the center of the deck I painted a Koi fish pond. I was asked on HomeTalk facebook to post this awhile ago...

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  • Joy D
    Joy D Rouzerville, PA
    What an imagination......good job!!!
  • Angelo Avila
    Angelo Avila Joshua Tree, CA
    You can also make wooden fences out of pallets
  • Karen B
    Karen B Youngstown, NY
    I had a friend who took me on a pickup at a factory and they had these thrown out, the boxes and the pallets. I just screwed the pallets together set the benches on top added hinges to the lids, then bought 2 lounge cushions at Walmart, the stain and
  • Karen B
    Karen B Youngstown, NY
    there are more pics on this site somewhere I put up of it finished
  • Mrsctoyou
    Mrsctoyou Burnside, KY
    What are the finished dimensions for this?
    • Karen B
      Karen B Youngstown, NY
      it was five extra long pallets
Karen B