Mason jar chandelier

Lighting Ideas 02.16.15
I wanted a mason jar chandelier, but did not like the prices so my husband made me one for around $30. we went to a local flea market and found the actual light fixture

for $20. We had to make sure that the metal plates under the candles were big enough to hold the jars. purchased the large mouth mason jars at wal mart for $10. we then painted the light fixture, epoxied the metal rings for the jars in the plates under the candles. all toghether less than $32

  • Rusty B
    Rusty B Harrisburg, PA
    mason jar candy dispencer
  • Dee W
    Dee W Rock Creek, OH
    Love it-do most channdeliers work or is there something I should be looking for?
  • Teresa D
    Teresa D Snellville, GA
  • Kelly H
    Kelly H Luling, TX
    No worse than Mason jar wineglassess...Mason jars glued to candlesticks to make what they call "Redneck wineglasses".
  • Judy V
    I made one too! Got the fixture for $12 at the ReStore(Habitat for Humanity) Painted it black. Bought Mason Jars for $12. I epoxied the lids down, but they still didn't seem sturdy enough. My fixture had lacy like metal sides that came up around
  • Alethea S
    Alethea S Springfield, OH
    How do you disperse the heat buildup from the bulbs?
  • Susan B
    Susan B Stapleton, GA
    I love everything rustic.Awesome!
  • Sheri S
    Sheri S Guston, KY
    the bulbs are only 40 watt. I have yet to have a problem with heat building up.
  • Sheri S
    Sheri S Guston, KY
    Dee make sure to plates under the candles are big enough to hold the size jar you want to use.
  • Sheri S
    Sheri S Guston, KY
    angela s. we only used the metal twist on part of the lid, not the solid metal insert.
  • Patricia W
    Patricia W Eugene, OR
    You rock! I saw this yesterday and today we went to goodwill. we found 2 chandeliers, both in perfect beautiful condition, for a grand total of 6 dollars. that will be perfect for this project. Ive been collecting mason jars for a few weeks, wherever I
  • Sheri S
    Sheri S Guston, KY
    patricia w thanks for the comments. just wanted to add that we also used a drill bit designed to drill glass to let any heat build up escape.
  • Jena
    Jena Nampa, ID
    this is what I have been looking for to put in my dinning room!! I will on the hunt this weekend!!
  • Lori Kelly
    Lori Kelly Elkview, WV
    I have wondered about using the spiral fluorescent bulbs. Do they put off less heat? Sheri S
  • Deezie
    deezie Stratford, CT
    love love love this, I have a mason jar chandelier too!!! mine is different than yours. I really love yours
Sheri S