Mason jar chandelier

lighting 06.28.15
I wanted a mason jar chandelier, but did not like the prices so my husband made me one for around $30. we went to a local flea market and found the actual light fixture

for $20. We had to make sure that the metal plates under the candles were big enough to hold the jars. purchased the large mouth mason jars at wal mart for $10. we then painted the light fixture, epoxied the metal rings for the jars in the plates under the candles. all toghether less than $32

  • Rusty B
    Rusty B Harrisburg, PA
    mason jar candy dispencer
  • Gabriel R
    Gabriel R Berwyn, IL
    this is adorable. I wanted to try something like this but never got my idea off the ground. I think I will now!
  • Rusty B
    Rusty B Harrisburg, PA
    love the chantalier and heres a candy dispenser to match it lol
  • Terri J
    Terri J Annapolis, MD
    Way to cool!
  • Mary Alice M
    Mary Alice M San Antonio, TX
    That is sooooo beautiful!!! Love the idea of mason jars !!! :')
  • Jan O
    Jan O Clancy, MT
    Yeppers done one too. I get lots of compliments off it!!
  • Donna McCrummen
    Donna McCrummen Bernardsville, NJ
    So funny. I'm working on one of these now. But my plates are small and I need to use small jars. Love it.
  • Kitty S
    Kitty S Madisonville, TN
    I would love to try this.
  • Angela S
    Angela S Kernersville, NC
    I'm guessing she drilled a hole in the metal rings the jars twist into so they could slide the hole over the candles then epoxy'd the metal ring lid down so you can twist off the jar to change the bulbs. Cool!
  • Fannie D
    Fannie D Dover, AR
    If your bulb is too high a wattage for your fixture (jar) they will burn out frequently from over heating. A tip from an electrician friend of mine.
  • Rene T
    Rene T Radcliff, KY
    Roberta, I guess if you put high wattage light bulbs in their it would, u can use them chandelier bulbs
  • Roberta H
    Roberta H Olive Branch, MS
    question for you: does the heat build up too much inside the jar from the lightbulb?
  • Debi M
    Debi M Washington, NC
    What a novel idea. Love repurposing things. Great job
  • AK Complete Home Renovations
    This looks surprisingly elegant. Would be such a great look for an eclectic cabin / vacation home!
  • Henry B
    Henry B Morrisville, NC
    Mason Jars!...Kentucky!.. I see a trend here ;-)
Sheri S