DIY 'Pharmacy Jars' From Glass Food Jars (Free Printable Labels)

Hands down this one is going in my #FavoriteProject file! Use glass food jars (think pickle jars, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter) and turn them into pharmacy jars. Glue old drawer nobs to the lid and spray paint. Then mod podge printable labels (free set of thought bubble printable is included here) on the front. Use them to store and organize craft or sewing supplies, pantry items, kids art supplies or whatever your heart desires. The full tutorial can be found at Two It Yourself #StorageSolutions
Time: 15 Minutes Difficulty: Easy
  • Use glass food jars to create free storage and organization for a craft room, pantry, kids room or where ever!
  • Peel off the labels and save the lids
  • Hot glue old drawer pulls to the tops
  • Spray paint
  • You can stop here or add labels
  • Use mod podge to attach labels directly to the glass jar
  • Put a layer of mod podge over and under the paper label
  • Display your DIY pharmacy jars with customizable labels

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  • Carolynm
    carolynm Winchester, VA
    I found a box of old clear 1/2 gallon canning jars with lids in a storage unit. I have 11 that I can use for the thread spools in my sewing room. I will glue the two-piece lids together and add a knob.
  • Jo Centanni-Dubuke
    Jo Centanni-Dubuke Hoosick Falls, NY
    what a great idea I love it

  • Karen B
    Karen B Atco, NJ
    What an excellent idea! Jars take up so little room; I'm going to take my button box and sewing basket out of the closet and reuse jars instead. Great for bird food, cat or dog food too!
  • Tracy Gilmore
    sooooo doing this, allready got a curry sauce jar soaking.
    • Connie Bennett
      Connie Bennett Pilot Rock, OR
      Tracy Gilmore My Mom used to use lighter fluid (like for zippo) to remove price tags, labels, etc. It eats the glue right off without harming your hands.
  • DebIndy
    DebIndy Anderson, IN
    great idea!
  • Chardre Westerman
    I use jars like this all the time but usually look for lids with colors that will coordinate in the room. I use mayonaise and coffee jars mostly. The only bug-a-boo is when they change the shape of the jar just when you only need one more. I love the
  • Anna Garris
    Anna Garris Webster, KY
    Sherry L,I have seen Pretzel Rod Containers that would work for noodles,they are plastic instead of glass,but would work
  • Sheryl Salmon
    Sheryl Salmon Eddyville, KY
    with little children you could reuse the plastic jar in the same manner and have unbreakable ones!

  • Mykee Kaczorowski
    Mykee Kaczorowski Gettysburg, PA
    I make candles and usually buy apothecary jars. This idea is great!!
  • Sherry L
    Sherry L Deridder, LA
    I would sure make one of these if I could find a jar tall enough for lasagna noodles. I have jars for everything else.
  • Christine (iDreamofClean)
    Love this idea! I love cute and functional!
  • Michelle Downs Taylor
    Michelle Downs Taylor Weirsdale, FL
    I love this idea! I have lots of spaghetti jars saved that i use to put sauce in to share when I make a big batch.I put it straight in the freezer. I have recently saved 2 asparagus jars because I just thought they looked neat! Now I know what to do with
  • Becky
    Becky Blair, NE
    I've been saving glass jars to do this with also. It's just so darn cute how you personalized the labels to go with the lids.
  • Connie
    Connie East Aurora, NY
    Thank you. I was unsure if metal, plastic or wood needed to be used. I can find some at the thrift stores and then paint them all the same. I am so loving this idea!!!!!!
  • Melissa @ Two It Yourself
    Connie I used wood knobs for these jars. Honestly, I just pulled them out of the bottom of the tool box....they were just some random knobs we had on hand. Even if all of your knobs
Melissa @ Two It Yourself

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