DIY 'Pharmacy Jars' From Glass Food Jars (Free Printable Labels)

Crafts 05.13.15
Hands down this one is going in my #FavoriteProject file! Use glass food jars (think pickle jars, spaghetti sauce, peanut butter) and turn them into pharmacy jars. Glue old drawer nobs to the lid and spray paint. Then mod podge printable labels (free set of thought bubble printable is included here) on the front. Use them to store and organize craft or sewing supplies, pantry items, kids art supplies or whatever your heart desires. The full tutorial can be found at Two It Yourself #StorageSolutions
Time: 15 Minutes Difficulty: Easy

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  • Carol Jordan
    Carol Jordan Freeland, MD
    I reuse yankee candle jars (craft items, buttons etc.)
  • Joyce Clark
    Joyce Clark Canada
    What a wonderful idea ... But instead of gluing on knobs I would just drill a hole and use a shorter screw. Haven't had much luck with glue lasting when being used all the time.
    • Peggy Brittain
      Peggy Brittain Massillon, OH
      My thought exactly. I have done that with office suppliee, sewing supplies, etc.
  • Linda
    Linda Geneva, OH
    Thank You Sandra Laine, don't know why I didn't think to do that, I'm always checking things. Appreciate the help. Probably just another senior moment.
  • Sonja Callahan
    Sonja Callahan Appleton, WI
    what a great idea like it a lot
  • Lizzy
    Lizzy Eureka, CA
    The knob and painting provide great interest to the jars - who would guess these were just old used jars? Love this idea.
  • Camille Carlin
    Camille Carlin Nashville, TN
    This is a terrific recycling idea. Doesn't look recycled at all. Love the knobs and labels.
  • Nancy
    Nancy Metairie, LA
    You are a genius!!! I really love this idea as I'm looking at 10+ old jars in my cabinet, all in various shapes, heights, etc. Thanks for sharing this very cute and creative idea! :)
  • Kathie Condon
    Kathie Condon Birmingham, AL
    I have been saving jars and had no idea why since I did not know what to do with them. Well now I do. Off to find knobs to get busy making my jars pretty.
  • Ca
    ca Thailand
    i am in dire need of hte do i get them?
  • Caree Kaufman
    Caree Kaufman Palm Harbor, FL
    Oh, I'm gonna start saving my pickle jars! What a great upcycle. Bravo
  • Cyndi Neumann
    Cyndi Neumann Warne, NC
    I adore the lid idea! Thanks!
  • Karen Marie Carlson Kedzuch
    I am curating clipboard for Hometalk and you have been clipped. This is a great label and organization project.
  • Candy Berg
    Candy Berg Renton, WA
    How awesome. I am moving into a new home so this is a definite possibility for decoration. Thanks for sharing
  • Janet chambers
    janet chambers Aurora, IN
    These look great and serve a purpose. Very nice! I think I would use chalk labels so that I could just erase if I decided to put something else in the jars.
  • Kpisupati
    Best jar recycle I have seen.
Melissa @ Two It Yourself