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Refrigerator to Ice Chest

Decor Ideas 01.16.15
Thought this idea was very creative!

Here are the directions: kraftykarina.blogspot.com

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  • Toni DeSantis Gillum
    Patricia...thanks for posting it I agree with Brigette..we are going to have to figure it out for ourselves! I searched this up, down and backwards on the internet and all I can find are pictures! I guess we should just figure out how to get the "parts"
  • Doris Meyer
    Doris Meyer Waukon, IA
    used old refrig. upright—it weathered to a beautiful rust brown door is off and used for

    supplies for out door work & grilling, is on a edge of patio. vase of petunias on

  • Melody Drinkwater Wagner
    Oh so clever! Love it!
  • Grimmgurl
    Grimmgurl Santee, CA
    for instructions on how to make this, visit my website: kraftykarina.blogspot.com
  • Patricia D
    Patricia D Englewood, OH
    EVERYONE! Here are the instructions: kraftykarina.blogspot.com
  • Grimmgurl
    Grimmgurl Santee, CA
    Thanks Patricia D
  • Nathaliedoo
    I've asked and it seems walls of a fridge are too thin and fragile to support the weight of ice and bottles and would crack. More over you wouldn't be able to drain the water out....
  • Btdollar1
    nath....easy to put a drain in it.
    VALERIE Southfield, MI
    @nath ....or use a shop vac to remove the water.
    VALERIE Southfield, MI
    Or using a smaller refrigerator and emptying it by turning it on its side.
  • Melissa
    Melissa Huntsville, AL
    What's the danger of a child crawling in?
  • Tanmoy Singha
    Wow! Thanks for the tip! I may have to look into those! For more details please visit at http://www.commercialfridgefreezer.com.au/
  • Shirley Cumbie Wood
    Clever idea. This would be great for entertaining. It would really be easy to remove any melted ice with a shop vac or the old fashioned way. Such a conversation piece!
  • Centrd
    centrd Oceanside, CA
    Putting it on wheels would be extra helpful, too. I'm sure the "thin walls" of the refrigerator are supported by being encased in wood...I wouldn't worry about that so much. You could also do something similar with some big plastic tubs, but why not
  • Sherrie
    Sherrie Nixa, MO
    This is so smart! What a great idea to hide a old ugly frig!
Patricia D

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