Refrigerator to Ice Chest

Thought this idea was very creative!

Here are the directions: kraftykarina.blogspot.com

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  • So, no one knows where to find the instructions for this?
  • I have not seen any online not can I find any by searching google. Lol maybe we just use our good ole imagination on this one lol
  • Patricia...thanks for posting it I agree with Brigette..we are going to have to figure it out for ourselves! I searched this up, down and backwards on the internet and all I can find are pictures! I guess we should just figure out how to get the "parts"
  • Doris Meyer Waukon, IA
    used old refrig. upright—it weathered to a beautiful rust brown door is off and used for

    supplies for out door work & grilling, is on a edge of patio. vase of petunias on

  • Oh so clever! Love it!
  • Grimmgurl Santee, CA
    for instructions on how to make this, visit my website: kraftykarina.blogspot.com
  • Patricia D Englewood, OH
    EVERYONE! Here are the instructions: kraftykarina.blogspot.com
  • Grimmgurl Santee, CA
    Thanks Patricia D
  • I've asked and it seems walls of a fridge are too thin and fragile to support the weight of ice and bottles and would crack. More over you wouldn't be able to drain the water out....
  • nath....easy to put a drain in it.
  • VALERIE Southfield, MI
    @nath ....or use a shop vac to remove the water.
  • VALERIE Southfield, MI
    Or using a smaller refrigerator and emptying it by turning it on its side.
  • Melissa Huntsville, AL
    What's the danger of a child crawling in?