How do I clean mold out of a window air conditioner?

I stored a window air conditioner in an outside shed over the winter. I guess it got damp in there. When I took it out of the shed to install in my window this spring, I saw that there was quite a bit of black mold on and in the a/c unit. What is the best way to clean it and get rid of the mold?

  • Miles Enterprises Inc.
    i agree with Rosalie M i would put a ltle bleach with a glass cleaner so the unit does not smell like bleach .
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    One thing with a window unit it is easy to clean.

    Put it on a set of saw horses so your not bending over. Put this perhaps on the driveway because cleaners and lots of water

  • Jay Taylor
    Jay Taylor Santa Ana, CA
    Just like any other appliance in your place, the window AC also needs tender love and care. Make sure to give it a thorough cleaning at least once a year: Air conditioners work more efficiently when the evaporator and condenser coils or cooling fins are
  • Woodbridge Environmental
    @ Jay Taylor. He is spot on with this. I cannot tell you how many times people call us to service their window units because they think it needs to be charged. The fact is the blower fan, which is quite small considering the amount of air it blows is
  • Capernius
    Capernius Laporte, IN
    Bleach is dangerous to anyone & anything that comes in contact with it directly or its vapors. I would never use bleach for anything.
Howard Greene