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Turn An Old Window Into A Mirror

Projects to try on Apr 8, 2016
When I realized how much it would be to buy a mirror big enough for our mantel (around $100!) the multi-paned mirror we had stored in a shed started to look better and better! It's a fairly large window and had come from a building recycling business in our area called BRING and had cost $20 - much easier to swallow, huh? It had peeling paint and crumbling glazing around the panes, but since I wanted to use it inside these were easily fixed.
It was an easy transformation, really - here's some of the steps -head to the blog to see the full tutorial (link at bottom).

To see more: http://www.anoregoncottage.com/2013/05/how-to-turn-a-vintage-window-into-a-mirror/

  • Shelli S
    Shelli S Modesto, CA

    I read here a lot but don't comment very often. I've been lamenting over the price of large mirrors (with style) for over my fire place. This is what I've been looking for. I really like how your project turned out. Now to find out where I can find

    • Jami @ An Oregon Cottage
      Jami @ An Oregon Cottage Pleasant Hill, OR

      @Shelli S That was exactly my problem, too! Sometimes lack of funds ends with something a lot more interesting. :)

  • Debbie Whatley
    Debbie Whatley Pinson, AL

    WOW! Beautiful!

  • Jami @ An Oregon Cottage
    Jami @ An Oregon Cottage Pleasant Hill, OR

    Thank you, Cindy! I wasn't sure at first, but it does add warmth to the white I think. :)

  • Jeannie Carle
    Jeannie Carle Parnell, MO

    There it is!!!!!! I knew someone on this wonderful place would come up with something to get more light in my room! YES! I have concrete walls - BUT some sweet person attached a loooong board across the wall over the blackboard - AND I have access to

  • Jami @ An Oregon Cottage
    Jami @ An Oregon Cottage Pleasant Hill, OR

    Well, I was going for a vintagey look here, so you can only sorta see yourself in this. But I'm pretty sure applied according to directions it would work as a clear mirror - I did some vases earlier and you could easily see yourself in them. So all