Decor Ideas 04.13.14

Re-purposed Ladder Becomes Trellis

We've had an old wooden ladder leaning up against a fence behind a row of trees in our back yard for several years. When we had the trees (diseased) cut down we found it and saw that It had some rot but was otherwise in good condition. My wife thought that it could be made into a unique trellis, sketched it, and appointed me the carpenter.
Time: 4 Hours Cost: $32.00 Difficulty: Moderate
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  • Skatter Santa Cruz, CA
    We have an old ladder leaning up against the apple tree. I can't wait to repurpose it! Thanks for the motivation.
  • RD Burnham, PA
    One more project to add to my husband's "bucket list!"
  • Jill Jacoby Crystal River, FL
    Great Idea!
  • Gloria DiBenedetto Visalia, CA
    I want to do this with an old step ladder, but have a built-in bench between the sides. My Concord grapevine would enjoy living there.
  • Anita Pillai Inglewood, CA
    great idea...love it. It looks lovely
  • Very cool...love it :)
  • Anita H Niceville, FL
    love this idea. Did you attach any rebar or something to keep it upright?
  • Joanna T Virginia Beach, VA
    And I just gave two friggin ladders away yesterday! Great idea
  • Christine S Sussex, NJ
    cool idea..i have an old wood just like yours..not wanting to climb on it any more..but under it should be safe enough..hmmm but does it count as a trellis?luckwise
  • Meg Wylie Veradale, WA
    Wishing I had an old wooden ladder I only have an Aluminum Step ladder and one of those convertible ladders also aluminum but I use the latter yet! Will keep my eyes out at yard sales for an old wooden ladder!
  • Carl G Marblehead, MA
    Responding to Anita H: No rebar. Initially that was the plan (either by drilling up through the base of the ladders or by attaching to the side with brackets) as I needed to anchor the trellis. But then I realized that the fence posts, to which at one
  • Joyce Flom Billings, MT
    Why did you remove the rungs?
  • Carl G Marblehead, MA
    The vertical parts of the trellis were made from the two parts of the extension ladder. One part is narrower than the other so that it can slide inside the wider one. The horizontal piece needed to be wider at one end and narrower at the other to match
  • Great project and inspiration for repurposing. Thanks for sharing.
  • Christine Upper Marlboro, MD
    Oh, you've given me inspiration! I have a huge, wooden 12' step ladder. The base is about 4' wide. Strange thing it is. I am going to take it apart and place it between two of my side porch posts. I can already see clematis growing up! Thank you for the