The Backyard is Filling in Beautifully & A Few New Glass Crafts.

garden 03.25.15
Just thought I'd share how the backyard is filling in. I love waking up in the morning and going out about 6am with my coffee and seeing what has bloomed today. It's so refreshing & peaceful. I'm not your typical gardener, I really don't know what I'm doing. If I see something I like I plant it. If it starts looking a little sad I move it to another location. I don't trim when I'm suppose too, so I'm told. But everything seems to grow anyways. I just water & appreciate the beauty.
  • Jan H
    Beautiful ! Flowers are just beginning to open in Ontario Canada. I love Amaryllis. too cold here to stay all winter. Thanks for sharing!
  • Tammy Brenner
    Tammy Brenner Stockton, CA
    Kathleen Hibbons- I know exactly where you are went to High School out there.
  • Lynnelogue
    Lynnelogue Canada
    I believe the yellow flowers are Evening Primrose - very prolific!
  • Carol Dingwell
    Carol Dingwell Spokane, WA
    thats the way I garden too. I really don't know what I'm doing but it all turns out beautiful. I do a lot of pots since I'm gardening with two chocolate labs and a dalmatian. Also use some pet fencing I was given to fence them out of certain areas.
  • Donna Shipley-Richie
    Donna Shipley-Richie Mckinleyville, CA
    Your description certainly sounds like 4 o'clocks. My grandmother lived outside Salinas when she was growing them. They too reseeded themselves. We children always found the opening and closing very interesting.
  • Tammy Brenner
    Tammy Brenner Stockton, CA
    I googled the 4 o'clocks and that's what they are. Thank you everyone for your help. I didn't realize they came in so many colors & mixed with two different colors. Now I want to see about getting some in different colors to block my storage area since
  • Lumen Castaneda
    Lumen Castaneda Jersey City, NJ
    yes, i did not know that thing aboout amaryllis. Mine just died, i found out recently.
  • Kathleen Hibben
    Kathleen Hibben Roseville, CA
    Tammy what High School did you go to? Mine was Encina '78 I think I may have to see if I can find some 4 o'clocks for my Plant and see garden Thanks for sharing....Roseville, CA
  • Tammy Brenner
    Tammy Brenner Stockton, CA
    I went to Center which use to be considered North Highlands, but now is Antelope. We lived in Roseville in country not far from Dino's market. Haven't been there in many years. You graduated same year as my husband he's from Bay area. We were the first
  • Tracey T
    Tracey T Mission, TX
    I love your gardens, they look so peaceful and inviting for a stroll. Thank you for sharing it!
  • Kathleen Hibben
    Kathleen Hibben Roseville, CA
    I know where you lived. I work at some of the Elementary schools near there :) I grew up in Sacramento and Roseville was sooooo far away (in the sticks) haha now I live here and we are getting big...........Enjoy your garden and hopefully stay cool this
  • Gracie McDaniel
    Gracie McDaniel Coldwater, MS
    I <3 the rain boots and the bird! Y'all give me inspiration to get out and make a spot to sit in my yard. I have no deck, porch, or patio... sigh...
  • Karen Smith
    Karen Smith Easley, SC
  • Zerlindatar
    Zerlindatar Morgan Hill, CA
    I do love the look of 4:00s but had to start deleting them from my yard a few years ago. They grow TOO well here in Morgan Hill, CA. I had several colors but they were becoming invasive in so many areas of my garden front and back. It took me 4 or 5
  • Bernice H
    Bernice H New York, NY
    Beautiful , thanks for letting us peek. Your dish flower is lovely. I have some also.(posted) My problem is water spotting and hard water glazing all my dish creations. I always wonder what the other folks here on HT do about hard water glazing and
Tammy Brenner