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Tomatoes..How To Get The Most From Your Plants In The Garden!

Your tomatoes are planted, they are starting to grow and you can't wait to taste those first amazing globes of garden goodness!
Lately, we have been getting an abundance of emails and comments about how we grow and maintain our tomatoes once planted. Besides making sure they have at least 1" of water each week (via rain or watering) - here are some steps we take to make sure we get the most out of our tomato crop.
Yes, pruning can be an important part of keeping your tomatoes healthy, and can also create larger and sweeter fruits on the vine. Just a little work now can pay off huge in a month or so when harvest time begins.
As each tomato plant starts to grow strong - we like to prune off the bottom 6 to 8" of stems from the main stock of the plant for several helpful reasons. For one - it allows for good air flow and easy watering of the plant - both of which help the plant to grow stronger and speed along the ripening process later. Second, and maybe even of more
  • Rosalee Carruthers
    Rosalee Carruthers Levelland, TX

    Having my own homegrown tomatoes is a dream of mine. Have tried for years in our wet environment here in B.C. Canada. Even with protection from the rain and extra room for air circulation lose all to mold and fungus that kills the whole crop almost

    • M. G. Knox
      M. G. Knox Tucker, GA

      @Rosalee Carruthers Try raised b eds that are filled with compost, black cow, and a bit of local soil. Add what is necessary to keep the soil from retaining to much water..let the water drin out the bottom of the raised bed. Sometimes you may need to

  • Kim Palmeruk
    Kim Palmeruk Canada

    Marla T, i use epsom salt all the time. I also have raised beds and love them Michael. Have been growing my own garden for well over 30 years and always have success with my tomatoes. Thankfully, there is so much a person can make that I never have

  • Sunush
    Sunush Mesa, AZ

    How do you apply epsom salts to tomato plants--sprinkle around the plant or dissolve in liquid form? Can other plants use epsom salt too?

  • M. G. Knox
    M. G. Knox Tucker, GA

    Here is what I do for planting and growing tomatoes in the South.
    Dig a hole about 15" deep and 15" in diameter. Make a mix of potting soil and/or top soil [no fertilizer additives] and Natures Helper in equal quantities. Mix into this 2 handfulls

  • M. G. Knox
    M. G. Knox Tucker, GA

    Do not plant your tomato plants in the same soil as the previous year.