How to paint outdated linoleum floor

Last week I showed my oak cabinets that I painted white. Several people remarked about not painting wood. I hope no one has objections to me painting linoleum. :)

See the full tutorial @ My Repurposed Life http://bit.ly/IeyAKO

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  • Darling R Lopez San Antonio, TX
    Thanks for your post, I desperately needed this idea... yay!
  • I think that is briliant!! I cannot get the hubby to 'let' me do this! We actually freakin have like an outdoor carpet in the kitchen! HATE IT!! I moved into HIS house and he put that in there. We have 2 dogs and 5 cats and if I dont vacuum every freakin
  • I have the blues about the blues--they are on their way out. :) I had done the blue to tie in the blue counter tops. But, now they are gone, so the blue squares need to go! I'll post an update when I'm done. :)
  • Hmm....I would LOVE to do a dark charcoal or black and a vintagey cream. Or after painting it all, rolling on a stain [not sure if that would work to make it look old or if the stain would actually dry. I am sure a clear coat like a coat of garage glaze
  • Oh...Louiseville? My MIL is in Danville and my cousin is in Louiseville!! It is gorgeous and we are thinking of Danville or Atoka TN....
  • Pam--I have done about 8 squares so far. :) With a bum shoulder, two cats and a dog, it's a process !! Working on it every day till I get it done.
  • Melissa K Blythewood, SC
    I think this is a brilliant idea and extremely resourceful. Assuming there are no low spot in the linoleum, how long do the experts think this treatment will last? I am very interested in this project as I hate to think what ppl are charging now to
  • Melissa--After 14 months (without sealing it) the floor has done great! Most of the blue is gone now.
  • I love this! I have been trying to find a way to update my dad's kitchen and bathroom floors for very little. I have to try this. Thanks for posting
  • How long did you have to stay off the floor? did it take with one coat?
  • Ohh, I walked on it as soon as it was dry. I did take it easy with furniture for a few weeks.

    coats? a couple of coats of primer, and two light coats of each color for good measure. I prefer several light coats to a

  • @Gail I just send you an email, What is Mythic paint--is that a brand name specially for floors? I don't want to make a mistake. Gonna do this if it kills me LOL.
  • Diane Hesseman Akron, OH
    Oh that's awesome! I'm renting a house and I'm going to do this. The landlord's too cheap to replace anything but he said I can do whatever I want with the place. I've already leveled the patio and refinished two wood floors.
  • Cathey DeRosa Colorado Springs, CO
    Did you use any sort of finish or sealer after the paint dried? If so, what did you use?

    Also, how do you clean it? I have a little bathroom floor that I am going to do this with, so I want to make sure I do it

    • Cathey DeRosa I did not use a sealer. I don't like the way poly and other sealers feel on my bare feet. I'm happy that I didn't use a sealer, because it's easier to change up the color. :)